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Family Vs Nation: Twitter Starts Debate Over Virat Kohli’s Paternity Leave

Twitter is divided over Virat Kohli's decision of taking paternity leaves amid the ODI matches.

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli’s decision to take paternity leave has started a debate on Twitter. Let us tell you that Virat took a long leave from the ongoing matches. His wife Anushka Sharma is expected to deliver their first baby in January. Virat’s decision to take the leave has angered several people including his die-hard fans. A user wrote on Twitter, “Virat Kohli Sir,I am a big fan of you & respect u a lot.But when a man is in national duty then nothing should be more important.Because nation comes first. If indian armed force personals also follow the same then just give a thought what will happen then.”

Another user wrote in anger, “So basically you are saying Family first Nation next. Good thanks for making it clear.”

Some even stated MS Dhoni’s example who chose 2015 ODI World Cup while his wife was delivering their first child.

However, there are some who also defend Virat Kohli’s decision of choosing his family over his job. A user wrote, “He is not a soldier, he is an athlete. Family is above anything else. Team India is capable enough to play the Aussies even without him. The guy has been playing nonstop for the past 8-9 years or so, give him some space, he deserves to be with his wife for this precious moment.”

Another user defended Virat by saying that MS Dhoni chose not to take paternity leave because it was World Cup and no cricketer would ever miss this chance. He also mentioned that the ongoing series is not as important as World Cup and Virat is likely to come and play the remaining matches.

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Well, it’s tough to say who is right and who is wrong here. It is a matter of choice after all. What do you think about this entire debate? Do tell us in the comment section below. 

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