Cristiano Ronaldo claims Juventus is doing better under manager Maurizio Sarri than Allegri

Currently, Juventus is being managed by Maurizio Sarri, who was seen taking charge of one season of Chelsea. Cristiano Ronaldo who hopes to take home the trophy states that Sarri has improved the team as Massimiliano Allegri left the club.

The ex-Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri who took over Juventus management after Massimiliano Allegri has improved the team since taking reigns claims Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano who scored 28 goals in total under Allegri last season believes that Juventus is in a better place with Sarri in charge as they are given ‘more freedom.’

Cristiano has expressed his happiness with the team’s progress and also admitted that Sarri’s tactics have made all the more dangerous. He said, “We’ve changed with Sarri to improve. I have more freedom. We’ve changed a lot, we’re improving and there are still things to fix but I’m very happy. We did a great job with Allegri, but with Sarri we’ve improved. My position has changed a bit. I always try to occupy the areas on the pitch where I feel best. I like to have freedom of movement.”

Though taking home the Serie A crown is something that is expected from Turin, it is, in fact, the Champions League glory that has always been the aim of Juventus. And this season as well, Ronaldo is targeting the Champions League cup keeping aside any personal ambitions. He said, “We must fight to assert ourselves again in the League and try to win the Champions League. This is our objective. Collective results are important. As for the Ballon d’Or, I have nothing to say about it. It’s not important whether I win it or not. If there are individual awards, it’ll be the result of results with the team. Now we have a match to play, I’m thinking about that and nothing else. I like what he asks us to do on the field.”

He also admitted how compared to the past they are currently creating more chances as they have great possession and also move about differently. He admitted that he is very happy with how things are going with the new coach and is also satisfied with what they are doing.