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Serial molester caught on CCTV kissing, groping women on Mumbai railway bridge

Mumbai Police on Thursday arrested a man after he was caught on CCTV camera stalking, groping and molesting women on multiple occasions on a railway bridge in Matunga.

Mumbai’s railway police arrested Raijur Habibur Khan on Thursday who is accused of molesting women on a railway bridge in Matunga.

Since no women came out to register a case against Raijur, the police have arrested him in a case of theft. The police are now appealing to women to come forward and file complaints against the accused. In their appeal, they have assured that the identity of the women will not be revealed.

The police are also trying to figure out a legal way to fiel a case of molestation against Raijur if the women don’t file complaint against him.


Raijur was caught on camera molesting the women on the bridge in Mumbai’s Matunga. He was seen touching and kissing women on the bridge.

On January 25, the police learnt of his first incident.

In the CCTV footage, Mumbai pervert can be seen targeting victims. He then comes close to them and kisses them and runs away.

The first incident was highlighted when a woman reported the incident to the police but an official case was not registered with the police.

The police scanned more CCTV footages to learn of Raijur’s serial molestation. The found more evidence on how the accused was molesting women on the bridge.


The police, in civil attire, laid a trap on the bridge to nab the accused.

The accused was at it again, targeting another woman on the bridge, but he failed as the cops there quickly apprehended him before he could molest another woman.

The cops arrested him for a theft case under Section 379 of IPC.

A cop has now been posted at the bridge. The bridge is a little isolated and very few people use it.


The police said that Raijur hails from Uttar Pradesh and came to Mumbai for work. Raijur is married and also has children. He works as a carpenter.

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