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RJD To Boycott Nitish Kumar’s Oath Taking Ceremony

Nitish Kumar is set to become the Chief Minister for the 7th time and is to take the oath in the Raj Bhavan.

The main opposition of Nitish Kumar’s JDU in the bitter Bihar elections was Rashtriya Janta Dal. RJD to boycott Nitish Kumar’s oath taking ceremony. They have claimed that the mandate in the elections was against NDA and it has been changed by fraud.

“The RJD boycotts oath-taking ceremony of this puppet government. The mandate is for a change, and against the (ruling) NDA. The peoples verdict has been changed by the ruler’s order,” the RJD alleged in a tweet. “Ask the unemployed, the farmer, the contract worker and teacher as to what they are going through. People are angry with NDAs fraud. We are public representatives and we stand with people,” it said.

The RJD has emerged as the single largest party in Bihar with 75 seats. RJD also claimed the state is getting a “helpless government by the two helpless parties”. 

Attacking Kumar, it said Bihar will have a “Chief Minister who has been proven weak, idle and corrupt. And a senior partner (BJP) who has no (chief ministerial) face and is forced to resort to dubious means (for earning majority)”.

“Their helplessness are 1. People’s support for the RJD 2.Tejashwi Yadav being elected as Bihar’s most popular leader,” it said in the tweet.

The party also took a dig Nitish Kumar’s statement in which he said that he did not wish to be the Chief Minister but the Bhartiya Janta Party insisted that he continue his post.

“I did not want to become chief minister because my party came third and also I was tired. But, several BJP leaders grabbed my feet, started crying and pleading before me. I, being a soft-hearted, power-hungry mendicant, was moved. How could I annoy them,” the RJD said in a tweet laced with sarcasm.

The RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav was Mahagatbandhan’s prime Chief Minister candidate. The pull of the young leader was strong but eventually faltered in the face of the oh so powerful Bhartiya Janta Party.

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The son of RJD bigwig Lalu Yadav was touted to be the next Chief Minister. His presence and rallies rattled the old players that they turned aggressive.It took BJP’s trump card to ensure that Nitish Kumar stays in his designated place.

The Bihar elections concluded on the 10th November.

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