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Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Plea To Remove NCW CP Rekha Sharma Submitted In Bombay HC

Rekha Sharma is the chairperson of National Commission Of Women.


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The Bombay High Court has heard a plea to remove NCW CP from her post.

Activist Sanket Gokhale has filed the petition. He talks about how Sharma is violating articles 14, 21, and 25 of the Constitution of India.

In his plea he stated how Rekha Sharma thinking and mindset do not correspond and it not appropriate for a person at her post. It is not befitting for someone who is responsible for women safety.

The National Commission of Women Act provides that the Central government may remove a person from the office of Chairperson or Member if that person refuses to act or becomes incapable of acting as Chairperson under Section 4(3) of the Act.

The Petition

The brief of the plea is that Rekha Sharma’s personal twitter handle posted that she had met with the Governor of Maharashtra. Amongst topics they discussed issues pertaining to safety of women and rise in “love jihad” cases.

Gokhale states in his plea that “by invoking the baseless communal concept of “love jihad”, the Chairperson of Respondent no. 2 has interfered with the freedom of inter-faith couples to practise their faith freely while marrying each other without the fear of persecution and targeting based on religious grounds by Respondent no. 2.

He also further added that,

“Issuing a statement on her official Twitter handle is not a mere casual conversation but an indication of an official policy goal of demonizing inter-faith marriages.”

In his plea Gokhale also added that Rekha Sharma has been posting misogynistic and anti semantic views on twitter long before this came in light.

In Gokhale’s view these thoughts and view does not fit a person on such an important view. Her such demonstration lets us to belive her inability to fulfill her duties in a non partisan and secular manner.

The Post That Caused The Uproar

The Twitter post by Sharma had caused an uproar as it came in the light of the Tanishq scandal.

A Tanishq Ad was pulled down when protesters insisted that it promotes ‘love Jihad’ 

Love Jihad being and extremely derogatory word for inter faith marriages mostly involving Hindu girls and Muslim boys.

The scene went out of hand when these protestors turned violent. The safety of Tanishq employees and staff was also called into question.

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In this light Rekha Sharma promoting such a senitiment which even the government does not recognizes was careless.

It brings down a beautiful harmony of two cultures into two dirty words.

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