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PM Modi Indirectly Hits Out At Foe Turned Ally Nitish Kumar

The Bihar elections are on full fledged and it is intense. The fight is on between BJP led Nitish Kumar and RDJ’s Tejashwi Yadav.

The Prime Minister has been rallying with Nitish Kumar in his support. But not everything is forgotten between the foe turned allies. The PM Modi indirectly hits out at his partner.

While campaigning in the Mithila region for the ongoing battle, the PM was all praises for the current Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Nitish Kumar is backed by the Prime Minister. The PM then started talking about Ayodhya and it was then that things turned interesting.

“After centuries of penance, finally a grand Ram Temple is being built in Ayodhya. Those in politics who used to ask us for a tareekh (date), they are compelled to applaud. This is the identity of the BJP, the NDA – what we say, we do,” the Prime Minister said.

While nothing was outwardly in his words, many perceived it as a veiled dig at the Chief Minister.

The Background

In 2015 when Nitish Kumar and his team were opposing to the Bhartiya Janta Party Nitish has on record said, “”BJP and RSS people keep saying – Ram Lalla hum aayenge, mandir wahin banayenge, par tareekh nahin batayenge (Ram Lalla we will come, build a temple there, but won’t give a date),” taunting the BJP.

The Prime Minister just before mocking the Chief Minister had lavishly praised him stating,”In the last 15 years, Bihar has progressed under Nitish-ji’s leadership,” he said, calling him “Bhaavi Mukhyamantri” (prospective Chief Minister) and crediting him with Bihar’s economic turnaround.

This jibes and veiled taunts are not the first.

In another joint rally a week ago with Nitish Kumar, PM Modi had also commented about the abrogation of Article 370. Kumar’s competitors Tejashwi Yadav and Chirag Paswan saw this as a dig towards the CM.

“The NDA government abrogated Article 370. These people say they will bring it back if they come to power. After making such statements they dare to ask for votes from Bihar? Is this not an insult of Bihar? The state which sends its sons and daughters to the borders to protect the country Modi said in the presence of Nitish Kumar.

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The Chief Minister and his party was initially against the idea of Article 370 removal. This turnaround has raised a lot of eyebrows.

As the Bihar elections start today, voting will be taking place in 71 constituencies. The next two phases will be held on November 3 and 7. 

The results will then be declared on November 10.

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