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BJP is likely to win the Maharashtra and Haryana State Election with 2/3rd majority

As per the exit polls conducted by various agencies, reports predict that BJP will once again be in power in Maharastra and Haryana with a two-third majority.

Going as per the Exit polls conducted by various agencies, the Bharatiya Janata Party will be seen celebrating Diwali earlier, on October 24 as it is reported that the party will storm to power again in Maharastra and Haryana State election. The saffron party is looking at a two-third majority in both Maharastra and Haryana states. Voting for both states ever held on Monday with bypolls to over 50 assemblies and two Lok Sabha seats. Cou ting of votes will be on October 24.

Below are the seat estimates by different polling agencies:

For Maharashtra:

The exit poll done by TV9 Marathi claims that the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance will get 197 seats in the assembly election while Congress-NCP combine is looking at only 75 seats. Other smaller parties and independents are looking at securing victory on 16 seats.

The exit poll by  Jan Ki Baat concludes, 223 seats for the ruling alliance with a meagre of 55 seats in the 288-member assembly for the Congress-NCP. Reports claim no seat given to other parties or independents.

The exit poll conducted by Times Now saw the BJP-Shiv Sena’s victory over 230 seats while Congress-NCP combines to not even cross the 50-mark and may likely stop at 48.  Whereas other parties are predicted to get 10 seats in the assembly election.

For Haryana:

The exit poll conducted in Haryana by Cicero and telecast by TV9 predicted that BJP will get 69 seats in the assembly election, whereas Congress will be restricted to 11 seats. Other parties and independents are looking to secure victory on 10 seats.

Jan Ki Baat exit poll estimates 57 seats for BJP and 17 seats in the 90-member assembly for the Congress, while 16 seats are predicted to be given to other parties or independents. 

The exit poll conducted by Times Now estimates BJP to win 71 seats while Congress to stop at 11. Other parties to get  8 seats in the assembly election.

Apart from the assembly polls in two states, bypolls to 51 assembly seats and two Lok Sabha constituencies of 18 states were also held. With a minimum of 11 seats are in Uttar Pradesh, Then comes Gujarat with 6 seats, followed by five in Bihar, four in Assam and two each in Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Bypolls also took place in Punjab, Kerala, Sikkim, Rajasthan, Arunachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Puducherry, Meghalaya, and Telangana.

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