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Amit Shah Is Back In Action And He Is Changing The Game

Amit Shah needs no introduction. The Home Minster has always been a game changer. Even now, nothing has changed.

Home Minister Amit Shah is back and as always it is with a bang. After a hiatus due to COVID-19 and prolonged stay in a hospital, Shah is back in the game.

Something is different though. The aggressive and right winged leader is showing a rather peaceful side. The Home Minister is being uncharacteristically soft spoken. His recent statements in the midst of such political turmoil are sure unexpected. That too in election season.

In an interview, Chirag Paswan, a staunch BJP supporter, said that the next Chief Minister of Bihar will be from BJP. This obviously did not sit well with the current Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Even after the BJP assured him that is not the case, Kumar was not and insisted on speaking only to Amit Shah.

Shah in an interview said,

“Whatever the numbers in the Bihar assembly elections, even if the BJP gets more seats, Nitish Kumar will still be our Chief Minister”

In such a dilemma, Shah statement come as a sign of relief for Nitish Kumar.

The other trending issue of Tanishq Ad removal

Right wing BJP followers lost their cool on a Tanishq ad portraying an interfaith couple in middle of a celebration. Taking this unassuming ad completely out of context, trolls called it a medium to promote ‘love jihad’

Love jihad being a derogatory word for Hindu-Muslim marriages.

So bad was the situation that Tanishq had to pull down its ad for the safety of its staff and employees. This move resulted in a backlash as a lot of people criticized what seems to be hate politics and propaganda.

Amit Shah amidst this said in his statement on the poisonous troll army

 “Such small attacks on India’s social harmony cannot break it. The fabric is very strong. It has withstood many attacks. It is unbreakable. I believe there should not be over-activism of any kind.”

Shah’ statement would have been ordinary if it had come from a liberal politician. Amit Shah’s own right wing stand and his party despairingly calls anyone even close to secular ‘sickular’, this statement is nothing less than shocking.

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Even his statements in regards to Sushant Singh Rajput and the recent controversy with Chief Minister of Maharashtra shows that this time the tactics have to change.

His remark on the Koshyari and Thackeray debacle shows that he wants BJP to keep the doors of reconciliation open with Shiv Sena.

Shah reprimanded Koshyari and said that he could have chosen better words.

The Shiv Sena welcomed this move and thanked the Home Minister’s understanding on the matter.

What is Amit Shah’s game and what let to this makeover? What motive is behind these moves? Only time will tell

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