Sunday, September 20, 2020

    Apple is working on two-way wireless charging cases

    A patent awarded to Apple suggests that it is working on two-coil wireless charging technology for an iPhone battery case without the need for a lightning connector. This may make the battery case capable of transferring power directly to an attached iPhone in a "pass-through" without charging its own battery.


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    Apple is reportedly working on two-coil wireless charging technology for an iPhone battery case without utilizing the Lightning connector. In a patent that was documented in May 2019 and was granted to Apple as of late, the organization portrays a shrewd battery case that could utilize two curls for bidirectional remote charging, AppleInsider revealed. 

    “A battery case has first and second curls on rival sides of a battery and has exchanging hardware that is coupled between the first and second loops,” the patent read.

    As indicated by the patent, the cutting edge Smart Battery Case would charge the gadget when it is connected to Qi remote charging and the battery case will have the option to move power legitimately to an iPhone in a “go through” without charging its own Battery.

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    Be that as it may, Apple as of now has a Smart Battery Case for iPhones, which, when joined to the cell phone, begins charging the Gadget, yet it has a Lightning connector that should be appended to the telephone for the charging.

    As of late, Ming-Chi Kuo, a dependable source identified with advancements of Apple, had asserted that the Cupertino-monster could discard the Lightning port for a totally remote iPhone by 2021.

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