Dear 2020, Thanks For Destroying The Life We Built Over The Years

The year 2020 is almost ending. But we have quite a few things to share.

Dear 2020,

Thanks for wrecking up our lives for no reason at all. They said, “When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade.” And we did the same. When the lockdown happened, we did make lemonade and several other things. Because that’s what everyone else was doing- spending more time in the kitchen and learning new dishes. Because hey, we weren’t left with much options as to how to spend our pathetic days and sleepless nights. But we are done making lemonades now.

Thanks for destroying the life we built over the years. Maintained good grades, focused on our career, signed up for a course that we believed would change our lives. We worked our asses off during that internship which paid peanuts in return. But we didn’t give up and kept trying instead. It wasn’t long ago when we finally got the job we wanted for so long! We had just started to make new friends at work and were making plans for the long-awaited Goa trip. We had just bought a laptop on EMI. Saving money was hard in an expensive metro city but we were getting there. And then you happened! Gracefully, you ran down a bulldozer on our dreams and aspirations.

“That’s life. It isn’t a bed of roses,” they say.

Oh did we mention that the first Zara dress we bought for ourselves on New Year 2020 laughs at us every time we open our cupboard? Wondering if we could sell it on OLX and get some cash.

We hail from small cities, worked hard and migrated to big cities to get better opportunities. And we did! Fought with our families to let us make unconventional career choices over MBBS and B.Tech. But hey 2020, you threw us back where we started. And you managed to prove that our parents were right afterall.

You took our jobs, our savings, our dreams and most importantly, our youth. Thank you for taking away the most precious time of our life where we needed to meet new people, explore new places, and learn new skills at the workplace.

You put us in a position that we have started to re-evaluate our life decisions. On those sleepless nights, you make us wonder where we went wrong. Had we opted for another career option, we would still have a job and money in our hands? At the end of the day, all we have is debts and stress.

You are getting over in a month. But the struggles you have introduced in our lives will carry forward next year as well. It won’t be easy for us to get out of the vicious circle of poverty and depression.

At your pity,

Unemployed youngsters in their mid 20s