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3 Must-See Jacket Cum Blazers From IMMJ 2 Actor Riya Bhattacharje’s Wardrobe

IMMJ 2 Actress Riya Bhattacharje's style is very versatile. Her outfits scream individuality and confidence.

Blazers, a true menswear classic, is a real newcomer in the women’s wardrobe now. There’s no denying the fact that female power dressing has turned the tables for women. Power dressing allows you to express who you are through the clothes you wear confidently. The best form of outfit for women to display strength and authority is blazers and coats. Power dressing is on the rise these days. Be it at the runways or at office parties, women opt for jackets and blazers with fashionable yet comfortable silhouettes, in the spirit of finding the perfect blend of power and femininity. The Bollywood industry is no stranger to be at the top of the charts with well curated blazer cum jacket outfits that speak volumes. Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to choosing the right size and patterns of jackets, but the key idea to pull off any outfit is confidence. Many actresses from the industry have impressed us with their unique notions and ideas of wearing jackets.

1/3 Actress Riya Bhattacharje’s style is very versatile. Her outfits scream individuality and confidence. Riya was spotted donning a yellow blazer with black bum shorts, giving it a very edgy and chic look. She paired it up with contrasting red heels and red LED glares to give it a fresh, young and fun touch to her overall outfit.

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2/3 You can never go wrong with a classic trench coat blazer. Riya also wore an oversized blazer with a bra underneath it and a pair of denims. While keeping the entire look simple and just focusing on the outfit, she has gracefully managed to impress the audience with her choice of fashion.

3/3 She also wore a trendy holographic coat, paired with blue boots and purple holographic cap to make the look more colourful. Her idea of playing around with contrasting colours in an outfit has given inspiration to many millennials these days. She pulls off every outfit with confidence.

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