Netflix Released Song Hye Kyo Starrer The Glory Part 2 New Stills; DEETS Inside!

Today Netflix released new stills from "The Glory Part 2," starring Song Hye Kyo as victim Moon Dong Eun.

Finally, the wait is over! Today, on February 17th Netflix released the series ‘The Glory’ part 2 still cuts containing the enthusiastic narrative of Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo)’s revenge action thriller drama. ‘The Glory’ is showing the story of a woman who was a victim of ragging in her childhood, whose wounds do not allow her to heal physically or mentally. And then she decides to take revenge on them and those who fall into the vortex. 

As Dong Eun’s (Song Hye Kyo) vengeance began in earnest, it incorporates the emotions and circumstances of each character in the released still cut, arousing interest. Because she is Dong Eun and has significant scarring, she had to put her entire life at risk to plot her retaliation. Yeo Jung (played by Lee Do Hyun) goes above and beyond to become her spiteful scoundrel by the side of Dong Eun and perform her sword dance. It piques interest how he will assist Dong Eun in avenging her by holding a syringe in his palm and having harsh eyes.

Today The Glory makers share new stills from the series and wrote, “A hell created by Dong-run on top of the revenge plan. A story yet to be solved begins again. < The Glory > Part 2, March 10 only on Netflix.”

About The Glory: 

The series Song Hye Kyo starrer will be released on March 10th. Now it has to be seen that this time Moon Dong Eun will be able to reach her aim. Will be successful in punishing her enemies.

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