Manisha Koirala Shocking Revelation Rajinikanth Finished Her Career?

After appearing in the Rajinikanth-starring film "Baba," Manisha Koirala's career in the South came to an end, reveals the actress.

Actress Manisha Koirala has made a name for herself in both the South and Bollywood film industries. However, after appearing in the Rajinikanth-starring film “Baba,” her career in the South came to an end. In a recent interview, the actress discussed her time working in South Indian cinema and said that “Baba” was likely the last significant Tamil film she did, and after its disastrous box office performance, she ceased receiving offers.

In a conversation with the YouTube channel of O2 India, Koirala said, “Baba was probably my last big Tamil film. It flopped so badly in those days. It was such a huge disaster. A lot of expectations were on the film, and when it flopped, I thought my career in south films was gone completely, and it did in a way.” Adding to this, the Dil Se actress explained that after Baba tanked at the ticket window, she stopped getting offers. 

She further said, “Strangely, the film turned out to be a hit when it was re-released, which is unheard of. Rajini sir can never give a flop. He is such a kind man to work with.”

Manisha has acted in South Indian movies such as “Indian,” “Bombay,” and “Aalavandhan.” The movie Baba, which was solely produced by Rajinikanth, told the tale of a young man who was raised as an atheist but subsequently discovered that he was the reincarnation of a Himalayan saint. Meanwhile, Manisha won praise from critics for the roles she played in the movies “Akele Hum Akele Tum,” “Khamoshi: The Musical,” “Dil Se,” “Lajja,” and “Escape From Taliban.” She received praise for her acting abilities after appearing recently in the Kartik Aaryan film Shehzada.

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