MasterChef India 7: Judges get Trolled For Eliminating Deserving Contestants

MasterChef India 7: Netizens are not happy with the elimination of Gurkeerat Singh Grover and Kamaldeep Kaur and are trolling the judges and calling it an unfair show.

MasterChef India 7, the cooking reality show, is all set to announce the winner this week, and fans are eagerly waiting to see their favourite contestant emerge as the winner. However, only one day is left, and the show has chosen its top 3. In yesterday’s episode, we saw that Aruna Vijay got eliminated from the show because she could not impress the judges with her dish. And on the first day, two eliminations took place on the same day, Gurkeerat Singh Grover and Kamaldeep Kaur were eliminated. However, netizens are not happy with the elimination of both of them and are trolling the judges and calling it an unfair show.

There were a variety of responses to their removal. It all started when guest chef Saransh Goila challenged the competitors to prepare his renowned dish “Safarnama,” which calls for 100 steps, during Tuesday’s programme. Speaking of the dish, it used a variety of approaches and ingredients from all around the nation. Gurkirat struggled to complete the demanding assignment, leaving Kamaldeep’s bread undercooked, and as a result, they were eliminated from the competition.

Chef Vikas Khanna took to his Instagram handle and wrote a penned note for his two champions, wrote, “Congrats to our 2 Champions as their new journey now begins now. Love & Respect. May you continue to make India proud.”

In response to his post, one netizen wrote, “Unfair eviction. how can one dish decide who is best. out of four challenges KDK is best in three and Aruna is best in 1 and swarana not even in one. Aruna failed to impress almost all guest chef. Swarna is best when it’s come to thecha and thalis. KDK never had a bad day. She must be in TOP 2. Why so much favour to Aruna and swarna. Gurkirat is also good.” Another fan wrote, “Chef Ranveer and chef garima are so dominating in the show and they have made you down and always keeps you a side. Even you are senior in the field as well as in the show but chef ranveer has taken all the control of show and you just speak a few words.You have to take action!! @vikaskhannagroup.” One fa wrote, “This season seemed very pre decisive season as if it was scripted. Who so ever was to be eliminated they made the mistake intensionally. I can really feel that gurkirat had intentionally made the silky mistake cz he knew he was to eliminated this time.”

Nonetheless, this is not the first or second time the show is being critisized by the audience since the judges permitted vegetarian home cook Aruna Vijay to replace paneer with her protein in a fish-based dish.

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