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Abu Malik: Rubina Is The Real Mastermind On Bigg Boss 14

Whilst in a recent exclusive interview, former Bigg Boss 13 contestant and Bollywood music composer Abu Malik gave his take on Bigg Boss 14 and also mentioned that Rubina Dilaik is the real mastermind on Bigg Boss 14.

Abu Malik is a well-known music composer in the B town, brother of ace music composer and singer Anu Malik and son of veteran legendary music composer Sardar Malik. He was also one of the most entertaining contestants in Bigg Boss 13. During his recent interview, Abu Malik says Rubina is the real mastermind on Bigg Boss 14.

During his recent interview, Abu Malik says Rubina is the real mastermind on Bigg Boss 14.

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When asked that having watched Bigg Boss 14 this season, who could be the top four finalists, Abu said, “After seeing Bigg Boss 14, the top four finalist could be Eijaz Khan, Rahul Vaidya, Rubina Dilaik, and maybe Rakhi could come in from the old contestants currently seen as challengers in the finals of Bigg Boss 14 which is quite possible”.

When we asked that in Bigg Boss 14 the makers have introduced five new challengers so do you think they have added that spice and entertainment in the show, on this Abu stated, “The five new challengers that have come in have definitely added a lot of spice to the show and I am sure that the audiences are enjoying it and out of all, mainly Rakhi is very enjoyable. Kashmera was okay”.

When quizzed that what does he think about Vikas Gupta who is famous as mastermind of Bigg Boss 11 in this season, Abu asserted, “When we talk about Vikas Gupta, he had a say in certain matters but he was not that good”.

Further also lauding Rakhi for her game strategy in the house at present Abu said, “Ultimately it is Rakhi who is raking in the most controversial things in Bigg Boss 14 where the old finalists have also come in”.

When questioned that out of Rubina and Jasmin who is winning the audience’s heart currently in Bigg Boss 14, on this Abu said, “I am not really sure who out of the both, but yes certainly as far as this season is concerned, definitely it is Rubina and Jasmin who are paving their way in the hearts of people and audiences where everyone watching the show is liking them for the way they both are presenting themselves”.

When asked that Vikas is known popularly as the mastermind of Bigg Boss 11 but who do you think is the real mastermind of Bigg Boss 14, on this Abu said, “Yes, Vikas is known as the mastermind but of season 11, but if we talk about the mastermind in the current season of Bigg Boss 14, then it is Rubina Dilaik”.

Speaking in length about Rubina and Jasmin’s game in Bigg Boss 14, Abu says, “I think Rubina and Jasmin both have different looks and characters where they both are doing their game the way they should which is also being enjoyed by the audiences as well. The camera catches your moments so you are not very sure who is actually real and who is totally faking it. I don’t think anyone is faking it”.

When asked about his reaction on Arshi and Vikas’s violent fight in Bigg Boss 14, Abu said, “I have not really seen their fight but fights are the main history of bigg boss. If the fight is happening where audiences are watching it on screens, then surely it must be enjoyable”.

When asked that out of both the seasons Bigg Boss 13 and Bigg Boss 14, which one is enjoyable and why, on this Abu emphasized, “I don’t think both the seasons can be compared as each one is special in its own way. Bigg Boss 14 has been created in the midst of an ongoing pandemic which had a lot of limitations where you could not move in the artists in and out very fast and this time they don’t have a whole group of people waiting for them”.

Furthermore, he also added, “In bigg boss 13, they were really trying out things and experimenting where everything somehow fell into place where each and every artist was fantastic on the screen out there and it had become an enjoyable part to watch. Where Sidharth, Asim, Rashami and Shehnaaz they were all great in their own level. I even think that people like us also contributed a lot where even Aarti was very good along Paras and Mahira having their own stand. It’s impossible as I can’t compare the two. Bigg Boss 14 is going in its own pace. Let’s see how it works out”.

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