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“The Tank Temperature Is Cooler Than Seen On TV”-Prateek Sharma, Gives Amazing Insights From Shark Tank 2

Prateek Sharma gave us the candid experience of being on Shark Tank 2 India and revealed some beautiful and fun insights from the show and Sharks.

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Shark Tank 2 has become one of the most liked shows on Sony television. The show has given a platform to many people who aspire to make it big in the market and bring innovation. One such entrepreneur is Prateek Sharma who is the MD and CEO of Nanoclean Technology. He was recently featured in Shark tank India for his product Nanoclean which can help people with breathing disorders and smokers who wish to quit smoking.

We got the privilege to interview the innovator and he shared some great insights within the show and outside the shark tank.

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Firstly tell us about your journey from Rajasthan to Delhi as an IIT Delhi student.

For generations, my forefathers have been engineers. My great-grandfather was a Civil Engineer at Thomason Engineering College (now known by the name of IIT Roorkee). We all have been Civil Engineers and one fine day my father told me that back in time we didn’t have resources so, why don’t you crack IIT? That was probably the inspiration to do something for my father and later I got into IIT Delhi and graduated from there in 2015 rest has been a great entrepreneurial journey till now.

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How was your experience in Shark Tank Season 2?

Fabulous!! I met some really amazing people and entrepreneurs and people who are behind the camera and on camera. An interesting fact- Tank ka Temperature kaafi thanda hai as compared to what we on television and say that situation garmami hui hai”

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After appearing on Shark Tank season 2 did you get any calls from pharmacies, medical shops, hospitals, etc about your product? Was there a boost in your sales after Shark Tank?

It has been beyond my imagination. The night when it was aired, I think from that day onwards we were generating new leads every day across India. Not only from India but from outside also like Bangladesh, UK, the USA, UAE. This is loved and watched by many people and everyone loved that show.

What is the process of getting into Shark Tank 2?

Firstly you have to follow the steps on the Sonyliv app. There you have to fill out a form and get a direct entry to meet the sharks. There are certain Q&A rounds, some personal interviews, and later finally you can pitch to the sharks.

Why you chose Shark Tank?

Belonging from tier-2/ tier-3 places, this show has absolutely given a platform to people to showcase ideas and entrepreneurship so that people can freely start their own businesses. It’s the most trending show in today’s time and is doing a fantabulous job of changing people’s mindsets altogether.

Did you get a chance to meet other Entrepreneurs? Did you feel the competition was high?

If you go through my Instagram account you will see that I have made some great friends. Everybody has their own venture and people like us with similar mindsets are obviously going to be alike. We also discuss some ideas, deals, and new ventures. It’s also a good networking platform if I may say so.

Why did you choose Nanoclean? Why not any other name?

The technology that we use is Nanoclean and the product name is nazo-filter that I showed on Shark tank also. We have other products are cigi-buds that are used in cigarettes and help some from smoking addiction. Some are also used in ACs etc that are not seen but can do wonders in health.

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Is everything scripted on the show or spontaneous?

I won’t say all is scripted and all is spontaneous. It is just at certain parts you have to go a little scripted so that people come to know about the product and the content must target the people to use it but as far as the QnA round is concerned it is all spontaneous and also the pieces of advice we get from the sharks are spontaneous.

Since you didn’t get a deal; whom do you think would have given you?

Now I wish that Anupam offers me a deal. Earlier I thought that Namita Thapar would offer me one as she has expertise in that but now I only wish that Anupam Mittal now offers me one.

Did you get a little nervous facing the camera?

the situation that people see on the show is created so that it becomes intense but otherwise everything is very chilled out and people are very friendly.

Lastly, anything you want to say to budding entrepreneurs? Any words of wisdom?

Well, what I got from sharks is what I would like to give is that firstly Aman Gupta gave me was that Know your customers more than they know themselves.

Amit Jain told me that the usability of the product is the best part of the product. Then Namita Thapar appreciated the fact that I got an award for my product from the president of India and also extended the invitation and help if we need. I thoroughly enjoyed my journey there and the whole conversation with Anupam Mittal. We had a long discussion on my product but with time it was not featured at all. In our new product, we got all that that Anupam asked me to do. importance of Time and timing that I learned. I’m a fan of Peyush Bansal and was happy to tell him about the product as he knows the technology.

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