Shark Tank 2: Nanoclean Gives You Filtered Air Free From Pollens And Dust

A nasal patch will help people with a breathing disorders and also launched a nicotine product to eliminate smoking addiction of people.

Ever wondered how much pollution air is? How much we inhale air filled with pollens, dust particles, industrial waste, etc., has reduced our lung capacity. To solve this problem today on shark tank India we see this innovative nasal patch Nanoclean that gives you air to breathe.


An IIT Delhi entrepreneur came to shark tank India with an innovation that can help people with breathing problems and reduces pollution that enters through our noses and deteriorates our lung health. This nasal patch can be easily used by applying it on the nostrils and filters all the pollen or dust that can give breathing problems. The sharks couldn’t like the pitch and product but offered help to take it in another direction. Unfortunately, he could not get the deal.

Zoe Nutrition For Life

A couple came to shark tank India with their diet product Zoe Nutrition For Life which helps people to reduce weight and detox the body. They pitched for a healthier lifestyle that people perceive now after covid. They had a great business in covid and later took a break for personal reasons and later could not scale much as they used to earlier. Sharks found that their calorie quantity is higher than a normal detox plan usually has. So they couldn’t get a pitch from sharks.

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Two entrepreneurs came to shark tank India with their pitch for their own tonic and beverage brand. They introduced Malaki as their personalized tonic and sparkling water. Sparking water and Tonic were liked by the sharks and Amit, Aman, and Peyush offered them a deal for 2.5% of equity. They took Peyush and Aman’s deal at the same asked for.

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