Tuesday, September 22, 2020

    Will Smith’s Wife Jada Pinkett Smith Admits Having An Affair With August Alsina


    Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith were among the powerful couples of Hollywood before the lovebirds faced some trouble in the paradise. Will and Jada finally came face to face with each other on the latter’s talk show for spilling the beans on how their relationship got into trouble. During the intimate conversation, Jada made some shocking revelations. Jada Pinkett confessed that she had developed friendship with R&B artist August Alsina four years back and that they had an affair with each other. She also mentioned that all of it happened while she was still married to her husband Will Smith. However, Jada also revealed that their marriage was going through a rough patch at that time and they had almost broken up. This heart-to-heart conversation between the couple and revelation comes after August’s claim that Will Smith gave him a ‘blessing’ for his relationship with latter’s wife. During the whole conversation, Will and Jada not only revealed the facts related to the matter but have also rekindled their commitment to each other. Further in the conversation, Jada also opened up that she and her family did whatever they could for Alsina because of his mental health. The actress also refuted Alsina’s claim about Will giving him the permission to have relationship with her stating that it was purely circumstantial. Speaking about her involvement with the R&B artist, Jada admitted that she was broken and in a lot of pain back then. While concluding the conversation, Jada said that it feels to bring up Alsina’s topic and hasn’t been on chatty terms with him from the past couple of years.

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