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Zayn Gets Candid About His Character Angre In IMMJ 2

Right from the first debut show itself, he is getting lots of love and accolades for his brilliant portrayal of Angre in producer Yash Patnaik's Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 on Colors TV, newbie TV star Zayn gets candid about his character Angre in IMMJ 2.

Best known for his impressive TV debut with ace producer Yash Patnaik’s Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 on Colors TV, suave TV actor Zayn gets candid about his character Angre in IMMJ 2.

Mamta and Yash Patnaik’s Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 has been grabbing attention ever since its conception, and for all the right reasons! The show, a thriller, has not only been keeping the audiences at the edge of their seats, but even the cast of the show is excited to know what will happen next as the dapper hunk debutante TV star Zayn gets candid about his character Angre in IMMJ 2.

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Actor Zayn Ibad Khan who is part of the show and winning hearts of fans and audiences as Angre during a recent interview says, “We don’t know what’s going to happen next. Our writer-producer Mamta ma’am always makes it unexpected. Like we always expect some things to happen next and usually, they do in other shows, but here one can’t judge easily. Like how a good boy like Kabir becomes evil and all the other twists and turns in the show”.

The actor has always been fond of thrillers and elucidating on the same , Zayn stated, “From my childhood, I have always been into thrillers. Our show is very different from other saas-bahu sagas. I’m not demeaning any other show, but I like the fact that ours is loved by the audience.  Even if there is a romantic scene, it will be crisp. It has been such a pleasant surprise that the show has got so much attention in the short time that it has been on air. It is a very overwhelming feeling that now people are recognizing us on the streets and call us by our character names”.

The show is a sequel to a highly successful first instalment, however, Zayn says that the lead cast has met the expectations of the audience well and expressing his happiness on same, he said, “The last season was loved so much by the audience and left a remarkable mark.  They also got a good rating on IMDB. We were all excited to cope up with that. But the main pressure was on our leads Rrahul Sudhir bhai and Helly Shah. Both of them are so hardworking that they left no stone’s unturned to give it their best”.

When asked about his character Angre, he says, “My character is a little different from all, like in the start, every other character was a bit grey. But from the start, Angre was totally on the same page. Like he is loyal to Vansh and his family and he can do anything for them. Angre was the only secret keeper of Vansh. And they share an amazing bond like George Clooney and Dick Grayson (our Batman and Robin.) And the one quality that I like about Angre is that he believes in the phenomenon that ‘it is what it is’ and he is like a blank paper. If you are good to him, he’ll make sure to give his best to make you happy. And if you try to hurt him and his family then you know why they call him angry Angre. He believes in staying true to his boss and brother Vansh. And he is loyal and he cares about other people”.

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