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Vivian Dsena: Faster You Succeed, Faster You Disappear

Last seen as Harman in producer Rashmi Sharma's hit serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, TV star Vivian Dsena on race in reality shows says faster you succeed, faster you disappear.

in a recent interview, dapper and hunk heartthrob TV superstar Vivian Dsena says faster you succeed, faster you disappear.

Sharing more on his take on indian reality shows, Vivian Dsena says faster you succeed, faster you disappear.

In a recent one on one chat interview spilling beans on why concept of reality shows doesn’t appeal much to him, hunk TV superstar Vivian Dsena says faster you succeed, faster you disappear.

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Actor Vivian Dsena is a household name in India and many parts of international showbiz too. His choice of shows have created a route for him that takes him directly to his fans’ heart.

In his recent interview, when asked about his take on growth of web series, a lot of work has increased but Bollywood always has a dream quotient connected with it and why he never had Bollywood ambitions, on this Vivian said, “I am content with TV and never had Bollywood dreams because I never differentiated between Bollywood and TV. An Actor is an actor and doesn’t matter if it is in Bollywood or television industry”.

Further also explaining on why post Shakti he is deliberately keeping a low profile and the kind of work that he wants to do, Vivian shared, “I have always been like this and I like to be in my own space. I have always taken a decent long enough break between projects because it takes a lot of unlearning after you are done playing a Character for a long time”.

Also opening up on his take about favouritism happening on TV and his reaction on instant stardom through reality shows, he stated, “It does to a certain extent but not as much as Bollywood as seen or heard. The Faster you succeed, the fastest you disappear. Whatever comes to u gradually, lasts longer. Instant success has the capability to get success to head faster. If you succeed gradually, you learn a lot and it makes you a better professional”.

Further spilling beans on the kinds of genres that he wants to explore after doing different and variety of shows right from Jhalak Dikkhla Ja to Khatron Ke Khiladi, Vivian shares, “It has always been my ambition not to repeat myself as an actor and be a better entertainer project after project. Jhalak was a challenge for me because I am not a trained dancer nor have had any interest in dancing. I owe Bhawna Khanduja, my Choreographer, big time for it. She had a tough time making me dance and sweet enough to never mention that!”.

When asked to comment on people thinking him to be a recluse just because he is so low profile, Vivian asserted, “I love being like this. There was a time when I was requested to be social but it didn’t suit me and I was losing myself in the bargain. I cannot lose myself for people or for social norms. Everybody has a nature and I am not changing mine for anybody anymore”.

Finally he concluded the interview by sharing what makes him happy and said, “Spending time in my own space and with my friends who are my family. Like they say (I got no friends, I got family and it’s quite literal for me ). This is another big reason for assumptions because I have a small circle”.

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