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Vishal Aditya Singh is uncomfortable with his ex-Madhurima Tuli’s entry in Bigg Boss’ house

Vishal Aditya Singh in the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 13 is seen getting super annoyed on hearing the voice of his ex-Madhurima Tuli inside Bigg Noss' house. Madhurima will be seen entering the house as a wildcard contestant along with Arhaan Khan and Shefali Bagga.

Three wildcard contestants Arhaan Khan, Shefali Bagga and Madhurima Tuli will enter Bigg Boss’ house in the upcoming episode and things are sure to turn topsy-turvy in the house. Madhurima who is also Vishal Aditya Singh’s ex, the two showed their animosity on Nach Baliye, and fans know for a fact that things are pretty sour between the former couple since their break up. And now with Madhurima’s entry into the house, Vishal is angry.

In the recent Bigg Boss 13 promo, Vishal is seen getting super annoyed on looking at Madhurima entering the Bigg Boss house. Madhurima goes and greets everyone in the house and addresses Vishal as ‘Mausi Ji.’ Shehnaaz is later seen asking Vishal if he had a love relationship with Madhurima to which he gets angry and leaves the room. He is then seen sitting with Mahira Sharma and is also heard telling him that Madhurima’s voice is pinching in his ears.

Surely it will be pretty interesting to see the two exes coming together in Bigg Boss 13 house. Madhurima’s entry is surely going to stir the pot and we can expect a lot of arguments and fights between the two and it will also be interesting to see if Vishal and Madhurima compete in various tasks. Fans are excited to see how things for Vishal will change now that his ex-Madhurima is in the house. Though Vishal ignored her while she entered the house, will he continue to ignore her through their stay? Well, only time will tell.

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