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Video: Gehana Vasisth Makes Cheating Allegations On Ekta Kapoor

In an explosive interview, actress Gehana Vasisth has made some big accusations against Ekta Kapoor and her team.

Actress and model Gehna Vasisth, who made news last year in a controversial case also involving Raj Kundra, is back in the headlines again. Gehana called a press conference on Monday and alleged that Ekta Kapoor has deceived her. She revealed, “I was supposed to be one of the 16 contestants in Lock Upp.”

Narrating the entire incident in detail, Gehana said, “I did not approach them. I didn’t ask for work. Their casting team called me and told that they are doing a reality show which will be very similar to Bigg Boss. Earlier, I didn’t want to do it because I thought I might land into some controversy. I had a meeting with Endemol Shine India. I also talked to the creative head of the show on Zoom Call. Two days later, they called me to talk about the payment. We reached a mutual decision that I will be paid Rs 1.5 lakh per week to be in the show. I got a confirmation letter as well.”

She further told, “They later told me that Kangana Ranaut will be hosting the show. They asked me if I had any issue with it. There were many artists who stepped back after knowing that Kangana would be a part of it. I told the channel and the show makers that I have no issue since she is doing her work and I’ll be doing mine. They later told me that my secrets will be revealed on the show. They also asked me about my medical reports etc. I am a diabetic so I bought a stock of medicines for almost two months before going to the show. My blood tests were done. I had a long session with their psychiatrist. It was a long process to get on board this show.”

Revealing why she feel cheated by Ekta Kapoor and her team, Gehana explained, “A few days later, they sent me a list of items that I need to buy before entering the show. It mentioned what kind of bags to carry, clothes etc. So, I spent over 2 lakhs to buy those things. It might be a small amount for many but it matters to me. I have been out of work for more than a month. If they didn’t have to take me into the show, why did they make me spend so much money of mine? I was made to buy specific types of clothes, shoes etc for the show. All those are useless for me now because I don’t wear them.”

She elaborated, “I asked them if I should sign another show. They said, ‘No, no, how can you do another show? You are doing a Balaji show. If you do anything else and it releases, they will get all the TRP.’ So, that’s how they didn’t let me work anywhere else. The show was about it begin and they told me that I won’t be going in the first week. The next week I asked them, and they gave the same answer. They didn’t tell me anything.”

“I trusted them but they made me a fool. I will never ever work with Ekta Kapoor today. The person who can’t stand by her words, who doesn’t value other person’s time, I can’t value them. They made me sit at home jobless for four months only to break my trust at the last moment,” Gehana Vasisth further said.

Concluding her interview, she said, “When an artist speaks up for himself, they say that he/she is seeking publicity. Why shouldn’t an artist take a stand?” Gehana also mentioned that artists in the industry are harassed and as as result, they end their life, just like Sushant Singh Rajput.

Lock Upp is a reality show produced by Ekta Kapoor. It streams on Alt Balaji and MX Player.

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