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Tunisha Sharma Case: Honey Singh Mentions Sushant Singh Rajput

Yo Yo Honey Singh gave out an important message to young fans after cases of Tunisha Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput shock the nation.

Bollywood singer and rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh gave out an important message for people in depression. Honey himself went through a rough patch in his life and he took a break from work to heal himself. Recently, 20-year-old television actress Tunisha Sharma died by suicide which shocked the entire nation.

Responding to this sad news, Honey Singh said, “In Sikhism, it is said that we are born as human after 24 lakh lives. So, we should keep the decision of life and death in the hands of God. We should not decide to end it ourselves. One might feel that everything has ended and there’s no reason to live. We have not seen God and we won’t be able to see him also because we are ‘Paapi’. So, for us, our parents are our God. So, if you’ll stay close to your parents, you’ll never get such thoughts. People who have taken this step, most of them were away from their parents. We can take the example of Sushant Singh Rajput. My mother had said that Sushant wouldn’t have made that mistake if his parents were with him.”

“When I was sick, my parents were with me. I am sitting here because of them. It is just because of their support and blessings. So, if anyone feels like ending things, just go to your parents, live with them, share with them. They will make everything happen again. They have given birth to you. They taught you everything in life, they gave you everything, so they can do it again. Just don’t be away from them,” he added.

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