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Super Dancer 4: Neetu Kapoor Talks About Her First Shooting Experience At The Age Of Five

Neetu Kapoor reveals her first shooting experience at the age of five after watching Contestant Pari’s act on Super Dancer Chapter 4.

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This weekend, Super Dancer – Chapter 4 will feature contestants performing on Neetu Kapoor’s hit songs and paying a spectacular tribute to the veteran actress through their dance styles.

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Contestant Pari and her Super Guru Pankaj Thappa performed on one of Neetu Kapoor’s most popular songs, ‘Chukar Mere Mann Ko’ and surprised one and all with their performance.

Neetu Kapoor was stunned by Pari’s emotive performance and was surprised by the fact that the duo made such an emotional song so endearing with their performance.

After seeing Pari dancing so well at such a young age, Neetu Kapoor shared that even she was five years old when she gave her first shot in the movie Suraj and how she had to repeat the same shot running on a mountain the whole day which made her feet bleed.

Furthermore, Shilpa Shetty Kundra applauded the duo’s performance, especially Super guru Pankaj’s, telling him that it was his best performance till date and that it really moved her.

In addition, Pari, who is Ranbir’s biggest fan, asked Neetu Kapoor if Ranbir is still mischievous. “Ranbir was a very naughty and curious child who searched for ways to do mischief all the time,” Neetu Kapoor further added, “but I am delighted that now he has turned out to be a very thoughtful man.”

Anurag Basu also shared an incident with Ranbir Kapoor about how, after getting hurt on the sets of Barfi, he immediately called his mother, despite the fact that everyone was around him to take care of him.