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Sumbul’s Father Regrets Sending Her To Bigg Boss 16 House, Asks Fans To NOT Vote For Her

In a recent interview, Sumbul's father urged the fans of his daughter to "not" vote for her. He further stated that the show ruined Sumbul's public image.

Bigg Boss 16: Recently a huge fight broke out in the Bigg Boss 16 house after Sumbul’s conversation with her father was revealed. Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Sumbul’s father has now urged the fans of the actress to not vote for her. Sumbul’s father further claimed that he regrets sending Sumbul into the house, as instead of benefiting her the show has ruined her image.

Sumbul’s Father Asks Fans To NOT Vote Her

In a recent interview with Indian Express, Sumbul Touqqer’s father said that he is ready to apologize for abusing Tina and Shalin, he said,  “I have raised Sumbul in a protective environment. When the offer came, I thought it would be a great means to let her understand duniyadari (world politics). Neither I nor Sumbul have followed the show, and I never realised that something like this will happen. Today, I regret that I chose to send my daughter to the show. It did more harm to her than favour.” 

He further requested Sumbul’s fans to not vote for her, “I know there are people who love her but I think it’s time she should be out. The girl who is in the house is not my daughter. She has lost her positivity and happiness. I don’t want her to go through any grief again. I would thus request her fans to not vote for her. I am praying she gets evicted this Saturday,”

Salman Khan Slams Sumbul’s Father

Meanwhile, in the upcoming episode, Sumbul’s father would be getting schooled by actor Salman Khan and Tina and Shalin’s parents for abusing them on national television. In the recently shared promo, Salman said, “You (Sumbul’s father) think your daughter is being made to suffer on this show”. Apart from Salman, Tina’s mother and Shalin’s father also slammed Sumbul’s father for abusing their children.

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