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Simi Grewal On Bigg Boss 16; Archana Pulls Sreejita’s Beau’s Leg

Bigg Boss 16 invites the Rendezvous Simi Grewal to the show

As the Shukravaar ka Vaar is near so something is brewing between the contestants and family members. Like everybody else, Sreejita’s boyfriend Michael Blohm-Pape was seen on the show and came to meet her. Archana is seen very excited to see the white man on Bigg boss. 

She started talking to him and told others also that it was on her bucket list to talk to a foreigner. She taught him a slang- Maar Maar Ke Mor Banadunga and later started to laugh, seeing Sreejita’s face. Even Michael did not leave a chance to flirt a little with him.

In an upcoming episode after almost a decade, Simi Grewal was seen on Bigg Boss 16 and the contestants were seen mesmerized by her presence. She is seen talking to Priyanka and Shalin. She asks Priyanka what will she choose from the two plates a plate with stardom or a plate full of love. 

Priyanka chooses to love and later Simi ji asks Shalin Bhanot that in one plate he has Tina and in other one… before she completes Shalin says that he will choose another plate. Simi ji says to Tina please be too hard on him.

The Tina-Shalin controversial couple is going round and round like a loop and now the audience is also getting bored with it. Let’s see who will be evicted this week.

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