Shark Tank India 3 Contestant SLAMS Peyush Bansal, Calls Him “Worst”

Saumya Mishra who appeared in the recent episode of Shark Tank India 3, slammed Peyush Bansal calling him worst in one of her interviews.

During a recent installment of Shark Tank India 3, Peyush Bansal comforted a pitcher and contestant, Saumya Mishra, who broke into tears following her presentation and subsequent disagreement with Anupam Mittal. Seeing how Peyush Bansal offered tissues and comforted that pitcher, many netizens praised him for his kind gesture, however to everyone’s surprise, pitcher Saumya Mishra recently slammed Peyush Bansal calling him the “worst”.

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In an interview with Etimes, female pitcher Saumya Mishra labeled Peyush Bansal as the worst shark on the show. Mishra denied using the term ‘ladki’ as claimed by Bansal, clarifying that she referred to her therapists as therapists. Bansal capitalized on this statement to enhance his public image. Despite appearing supportive, Mishra felt Bansal was the least helpful shark. She believed her vulnerability was exploited by others to improve their image.

She added, “In the episode, it seems like Peyush was very sweet as he came and consoled me but he was the worst of all. When I put my point of view and they saw that I was completely broken down. Just to bolden their image, he comes and says, ‘main toh aapko feedback de raha thha’ and all of that. But all that Peyush was doing all this while was to build his own brand at the cost of my image.”

During her pitch, Anupam Mittal also branded Mishra as ‘arrogant,’ prompting her to express disappointment over the shift in focus towards her character. She voiced concerns about the potential repercussions this would have on her customers, employees, and friends after the episode aired. Mishra emphasized that she never meant to offend anyone during the broadcast, highlighting that her words were manipulated by the sharks.

For the unversed, Peyush Bansal is the co-founder and CEO of Lenskart.

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