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Salman Khan Drops First Promo Of BB15 On Voot For Fans

As a special gift for all his fans across the globe and in India, Salman Khan drops first promo of BB15 on Voot Select as an Eidi for all increasing excitement of people.

It feels like the iconic bollywood actor of our indian cinema is back to treating his fans on auspicious occasion of Eid as Salman Khan drops first promo of BB15 on Voot for fans.

The global superstar has given the sweetest and best surprise gift to all his ardent fans and audiences who have been eagerly waiting to see him as a host on much anticipated season of Bigg Boss titled Bigg Boss 15 this time on digital OTT streaming platform, as Salman Khan drops first promo of BB15 on Voot for fans.

The warm hearted and trailblazing bollywood actor who has been winning hearts of fans and audiences from past so many years always makes sure that fans get a totally mind blowing Eidi from him in every year and this time he totally surprised all people a lot since on the auspicious occasion of Bakri Eid, Salman Khan drops first promo of BB15 on Voot for fans.

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Our indian television’s most popular, loved and controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss’s upcoming season, Bigg Boss 15 has been a lot in the news lately as makers and creators are set to launch the show on well-known OTT streaming platform Voot Select almost 6 weeks prior to the original television airing date on Colors TV and today, a few hours back finally Salman has dropped the first promo for Bigg Boss 15 OTT as his Eid 2021 gift and treat to fans.

Voot had recently announced the premiere for Bigg Boss OTT and the first six weeks of this hugely talked about and anticipated TV reality show is going to be totally accessible to fans in the palm of their hands 24/7 and ever since this announcement on social media by the makers, fans have been brimming with joy and elation as they are totally psyched to witness the biggest TV reality show in all its glory with fanfare and now with the first promo featuring the one and only global superstar Salman Khan the curiosity and intrigue level in fans has increased manifolds.

In the promo, we see how Salman is bursting with joy as he has declared and also beforehand warned the fans and audiences to be ready for witnessing the craziest roller coaster ride with the most sensational season this time around as the ‘janta’ factor is going to be Over The Top by giving each common man several uncommon and strong powers.

Also, this is going to give audiences a real chance and opportunity at enjoying a deeper level of engagement and direct connection wherein they get a chance to indulge in happenings of the Bigg Boss house and also root for their favorite celebrity contestants as well and overall this is definitely true that this time the show is giving a promise of a unique experience filled with tons of drama, fireworks, entertainment, emotions and much more. So, “BIGG BOSS OTT Ke Mazze Loot, pehli baar starting only on VOOT”.

Commenting about this totally new BB on OTT, Salman Khan in a recent interview said, “It’s great that this season of Bigg Boss will have a digital first with Bigg Boss OTT, 6 weeks ahead of television. The platform will see unparallel interactivity where the audience will not only get entertained but also participate, engage, give tasks and more – It’s truly for the people and by the people. My advice to all contestants is to be active, entertaining and conduct themselves well in the BB house”.

Source: Voot Instagram. The Bigg Boss OTT first promo on Voot has gotten fans and netizens immensely excited for this time as well.

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