Roadies 19: Rhea Chakraborty Confidently Answers CBI Full Form, Netizens Say, “Rhea Ko Pata Hi Hoga Uska Sasural Hai”

Roadies 19: Gang leader Rhea Chakraborty confidently answers CBI full form, netizens say, "Rhea ko pata hi hoga uska sasural jp hai waha "

The reality television show Roadies 19 has started with a bang and has so many twists. The judges are Sonu Sood, Prince Narula, Gautam Gulati, and Rhea Chakraborty. The show is capturing the interest of the audience day by day. The 19th season of the show has finally finished the auditions, and the gang leaders have chosen the final 30 contestants. This year, Rhea and Gauta are making their debut as gang leaders. 

With Roadies 19, Rhea Charaborty returns to the small screen after the death of Sushant Singh Rajoput. While her comeback has been widely discussed on social media, recently a video from the show showcasing her knowledge of the full form of the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) has gone highly viral.

In a video shared by the MTV India YouTube channel, Gautam Gulati asked a contestant the full form of CBI. Rhea desperately raised her hand and said, I know the answer. When the contestant fails to answer, Rhea confidentially gives the correct answer.

Netizens are giving their reactions to the video and saying that Rhea could not know the answer because she always visits there. One wrote, “Becoz several times she has gone for Shushant murder case to register her statement.” The second user wrote, “How exciting she is telling she knows chalo Ek uplabdhi ye bhi h Rhea k pass.” The third user wrote, “Rhea chakraborty ko toh pata hee hona tha cbi ka full form roj ka aana jana jo hai.” One more wrote, “Rhea ko toh pata hi honga uska toh sasural hai.”

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