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Recent Farm Visit Changed Pranitaa Pandit’s View On Vegetables Totally

Known for her acting in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki (Colors TV, 2017), a recent farm visit changed Pranitaa Pandit's view on vegetables totally.

The stunning TV actress best known for her remarkable performance in Ekta Kapoor’s hit serial Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki (Colors TV, 2016), recent farm visit changed Pranitaa Pandit’s view on vegetables totally.

Sharing details on same, its so amazing to see that recent farm visit changed Pranitaa Pandit’s view on vegetables totally.

Jetting off with her family to this serene and full of lush greens farm located on outskirts of Delhi, its true that recent farm visit changed Pranitaa Pandit’s view on vegetables totally.

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Last seen as Rekha in TV czarina Ekta Kapoor’s Kawach 2, TV actress Pranitaa Pandit and her little daughter Anysha visited a farm recently and they had a great time with nature and sharing details about it, she says, “The name of the farm is Farmonics and is located in the outskirts of Delhi. The farm is owned by my brother Gaurav Sahu so that was just one more reason for me to visit it. The farm is into hydroponic vegetables which are organic and healthy. I really wanted to expose Anysha to nature, I am also into very much eating green vegetables so I wanted to introduce her to that as well. I have decided not to introduce her to processed food”.

Continuing on same point, she also added, “I wanted her to touch the greenery and experience different shapes and colours. That’s a great way of learning for a small kid. Obviously, she was keen on touching and experiencing all the new things. Most of the time Anysha has visited only maybe to the nearest park. We have not been to any crowded places and also avoided. While travelling, we keep all the things sanitised and also clean our hands from time to time and never unmask. Maintain all precautions and live a life.  We mostly only are going to isolated places”.

When asked about Anysha, the proud mom said, “She is extremely happy and not cranky while travelling. At least she has never created any problems while travelling so that’s a boon”.

Sharing her experience of watching vegetables grow and that feeling of seeing plants being taken care of, Pranitaa shared, “I have experienced it for the first time as we have been eating vegetables for so long. But looking at the vegetables grow and the journey is something I will always cherish. And also probably for the first time I have given importance to the fact is what I am putting into my mouth. This pandemic also changed our thought process on food as we all know a lot of chemical and pesticides are being used in the food items. As a mother even I wanted my little one to get all the pure things. Post motherhood You certainly start noticing the labels. You just don’t want her to eat anything and everything. At least till she turns 6, I will try to give her all good stuff. And I at her age was not explored to nature so maybe at an early age she can make her choice wisely”.

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