Raghu-Rajiv To Return To Roadies? Reveals Why They Left The Show

In a recent interview, Ex-Roadies judge Raghu opened up on quitting the reality show due to the change in the format of the show.

Roadies was often equated with Raghu and Rajiv. Their absence deeply affected the show’s TRP and its fan base. Despite the show’s changes over the years, including different formats and judges, Raghu disclosed that they were invited to return but declined. He also mentioned that he hasn’t watched the show since leaving.

In a conversation with IndiaToday, Raghu revealed that he had been approached for the show, however, he declined since the format of the show has changed a lot since his departure and is no longer the same show with the same spirit and format.

He said, “We were asked, but no, I don’t want to. I haven’t seen Roadies ever since I left. It is not ‘that’ Roadies now. It is a completely different show with the name Roadies on it. The format can be compared more to the voice than to the previous Roadies. When Rajiv and I walked away that day, that show was over. That particular format was over”.

The former Roadies judge revealed that the show contributed to his divorce from Sugandha Garg. Raghu acknowledged that the show’s impact on his personal life led to the end of their 12-year marriage, which began in 2006 and ended in 2018. Despite this, he expressed no regrets about leaving the show.

Talking about the conflict with MTV, Raghu said, “I was done. I was fed up. I walked away at the peak of it for two reasons. One was because MTV wanted to make the show a certain way, which I did not agree with. Till 10 seasons, I had pretty much a free hand. But in the 9th-10th seasons, I found myself coming into conflict with MTV, because they wanted a certain populist kind of angle to it”. 

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