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Priyank Benafsha Unfollow Each Other On Their Instagram Accounts

Bigg Boss 11 fame much in love couple Priyank Sharma and Benafsha Soonawalla unfollow each other on their Instagram accounts

Two actors unfollowing each other on social media especially twitter and instagram these days is very normal and common but two people who are said to be as madly in love with one another unfollowing each other is very strange and unheard off where this recently took place when the most adorable and loved couple of the television industry who are shipped by their fans together as #Prinafsha on instagram i.e. Priyank Benafsha unfollow each other on their instagram accounts.

This news has definitely come in as a big shocking scoop of the day as they both were literally mad in love with each other and even when they weren’t official their fans had a hint and inkling of their relationship even when they kept denying that they are best friends, good friends and nothing more than that but nothing can be hidden from the fans who are very eager to know what exactly is going on in their precious #Prinafsha’s life. But now their fans might be feeling very hurt and sad as their faves Priyank Benafsha unfollow each other on their instagram accounts.

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Social media is both a boon and a bane as when two big names follow each other then also it catches the netizens attention and piques their curiosity for the same and when a couple like Priyank Benafsha unfollow each other on their instagram accounts the too it quickly caught the fans, Netizens and twitteratis attention towards the same where everyone is now thinking and wondering as to what exactly happened between them and went down that they had to take such a huge decision which made them unfollow each other on social media.

Priyank and Benafsha had officially confirmed their relationship on Instagram with each other a couple of months ago back in April 2020 during the lockdown, after which their fans and everyone was very happy and then they started painting the town and Instagram red with their fun filled and mushy romantic posts with each other which won the hearts of everyone in no time making us go aww by witnessing their love and affection for each other and since then they had always been in news from time to time for one thing or another but now after hearing this latest news it seems like not everything is going well between the heads over heels in love couple Priyank and Benafsha where now even the news media reports are suggesting and claiming that the couple is going through a rough and rocky patch in their relationship.

Priyank Benafsha became friends and best friends during the Bigg Boss 11 on Colors TV and it was after the show that their friendship started blossoming into something more with each other but cutting it straight away forward to now, Priyank Benafsha unfollow each other on their instagram accounts and have also delated their couple pictures with each other on Instagram and it was also rumored in the gossip mills that both of them were in relationship with each other since the time of Bigg Boss 11 where they both became extremely close with each other and later in April 2020 during the lockdown, they finally gave an Instagram official confirmation of their relationship with each other through their couple pictures.

In an earlier interview with a leading Indian digital entertainment website, Priyank, when asked about the same told them that they took their own time to work on their relations and didn’t make it public because they wanted space and privacy by keeping their personal life under wraps and maintaining its purity.

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