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Pratik Leaves Neha Blushing In BB OTT, New Love Angle Formed

In new episode of BB OTT apart from new love angles between Nishant - Moose and Raqesh - Shamita, even Pratik leaves Neha blushing as another new love angle gets formed in BB OTT.

Indian television’s most popular and controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss OTT currently streaming digitally on renowned OTT streaming platform Voot Select and hosted by renowned producer Karan Johar ever since its inception on 8th August 2021, is showcasing a lot of fights, drama, emotions, friendships being formed, friends turning enemies, arguments and so on along with lots of entertainment which is being liked a lot by the fans, viewers and audiences and when we talk about love, we saw how new romantic love angles got formed between Muskan – Nishant and Raqesh – Shamita which got fans shook and now in the recent episode, Pratik leaves Neha blushing in BB OTT, new love angle formed.

Its like a perfect package of over the top fireworks, new friendships formed, frenemies, showdowns between celeb contestants along with love in the air since Pratik leaves Neha blushing in BB OTT, new love angle formed.

Definitely looks like love has finally knocked on the doors of the award winning bollywood playback singer in the Bigg Boss house since fans saw how a cute moment was witnessed between her and Pratik wherein Pratik leaves Neha blushing in BB OTT, new love angle formed.

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Definitely it is seeming like the new budding romance and love is seen brewing slowly between the new connections Pratik Sehajpal and Neha Bhasin in the house.

It so happened that in the recent new episode, we all saw how Neha ditching Millind Gaba as her connection decided to make Pratik Sehajpal as her new connection to move ahead in show which left Bhojpuri actress and star Akshara Singh with eyes full of tears as her connection Pratik also ditched her and decided to go along with Neha Bhasin as his new connection.

Then later on in the night, both Neha and Pratik were seen having a conversation with each other when the actor openly quizzed her saying that has she fallen in love with him to which firstly Neha denied it all terming this as a non sense talk and then questioned if he was talking about his feelings. But Pratik pointed his finger at him and headed towards the kitchen.

The actor kept on teasing Neha playfully and said, “Ultimately ghoom-fir ke you’re standing in front of me, looking into my eyes, falling in love”.

The singer who couldn’t stop blushing after that statement by Pratik clarified that “It is one sided love. He loves her and she doesn’t”.

Source: Voot Select Instagram. The makers posted this cute video of Pratik and Neha’s playful teasing and banter with new love angle being formed.

Interestingly, both Neha Bhasin and Pratik Sehajpal have always supported each other. The two are often spotted indulging in physical playful fights and are seen getting cozy.

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