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Kashmera Says Divya And Pratik Fights In BB OTT Are Planned

Taking to her official account on Twitter, renowned actress and BB14 challenger Kashmera says Divya Agarwal and Pratik Sehajpal fights in BB OTT are planned.

Once upon a time good friends, TV actors and reality stars Divya Agarwal and Pratik Sehajpal who had earlier also worked together in the popular survival  TV reality show named Ace Of Space Season 1 that aired on MTV, have been locking horns with each other in indian television’s most controversial and popular TV reality show Bigg Boss digitally airing on the renowned OTT streaming platform Voot Select with renowned film producer Karan Johar as the host ever since both of them met each other on the grand premiere night at 8th August and now a hot gossip of the day is that talking about this fight between both of them via her tweet on social media at microblogging site twitter, Kashmera says Divya and Pratik fights in BB OTT are planned.

Seems like the tone of the show has been set since the inception itself wherein in midst of this massive showdown between Divya and Pratik, renowned TV personality and actor Kashmera says Divya and Pratik fights in BB OTT are planned.

Now giving a reaction on this, BB 14 challenger Kashmera says Divya and Pratik fights in BB OTT are planned.

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Ever since the first episode of Bigg Boss OTT has gone on air at Voot, two celebrity contestants and popular faces in tinsel town in particular have been grabbing all the eyeballs and basking in the limelight through their fights with each other and these both are Divya Agarwal and Pratik Sehajpal who were once really good friends that have also worked together earlier in the reality show MTV’s Ace Of Space Season 1 and straight forward to now, these both have been at loggerheads sparring and fighting with each other ever since they met on premiere night of BB OTT.

However, Divya while discussing her previous equation with him also clearly had mentioned that she once used to call him her brother.

It so happened that both Pratik and Divya had gotten into a big fight over the kitchen duties which later on got so huge and intense that they both then immediately started spewing and hurling insults at each other and then later on when the kitchen duties were being distributed and divided amongst all the celebrity contestants in the house, Pratik and Divya yet again locked horns with each other wherein Divya specifically walked off saying, “You got popularity because of Varun Sood and me”, and as a response to this, Pratik then called the actress fake.

Actress Kashmera Shah, who has also been a contestant on Bigg Boss 1 and had entered as one of the challengers in Bigg Boss 14, has called their fights planned and meticulously thought about. Kashmera in her tweet has said these fights are not authentic and giving her honest take on it, Kashmera tweeted about same via a tweet post on microblogging site twitter and wrote, “Saw the first episode after watching a lot of the 24 hours live too. Somehow I feel that #PratikSehajpal and #DivyaAgarwal fights look very learned and thought of by these two people. I don’t see the authenticity in it yet”.

Source: Kashmera Shah Twitter. She posted this tweet and also gave her blunt and straightforward honest opinion on Divya and Pratik’s fight in Bigg Boss OTT.

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