Pakistani Actress Iffat Omar Reacts To Urfi Javed’s Fashion Sense: ‘Lahore Will Kill Me If I Start Carrying..’

Pakistani actress Iffat Omar reacts to Internet sensation Uorfi Javed’s bizzare fashion choises. Said, "Lahore will kill me if I will start.."

The internet sensation Uorfi Javed often shocked everyone with her bizarre fashion choices. She sometimes becomes the target of trolls because of this, although she doesn’t pay any attention to them at all and continues to push her fashion forward. Even television and Bollywood celebrities praise her fashion. Now Pakistani popular model and television & film actress Iffat Omar also talked about Uorfi’s fashion. She said that Lahore will react strongly if she were to start wearing the kind of fashionable clothes, but she also stated that she is not anyone to criticize anyone.

Iffat Omar, who took a break from acting, appeared on the new television talk show

Public Demand, hosted by actor Mohsin Abbas Haider for Public TV. On the show, she shared her thoughts on the fashion sense of Uorfi Javed. When asked about Urfi’s fashion, she said, “It is her choice. I can say that it is not my type of fashion, and that’s why I won’t follow such a fashion. However, why should I criticize her for her fashion sense? Yes, there are do’s and don’ts in fashion, but we are not the ones who define fashion. Moreover, in our opinions, we are all fashionable people.”

She further added, “Lahore will kill me if I will start carrying the kind of fashionable clothes I love to wear”. She also said, “who am I to criticize anyone, it’s the personal choice of people”. 

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