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Monday, May 17, 2021
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Munisha Khatwani Predicts What The Future Holds For These Actors

Celebrity tarot card reader and astrologer Munisha Khatwani predicts what the future holds for these actors during her recent tarot card reading session.


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With the successful embark of the new year after the odd ball 2020 that was for everyone, ace and renowned Munisha Khatwani predicts what the future holds for these actors.

Ace TV actress, celebrity tarot card reader and astrologer Munisha Khatwani is a brand in herself and name to reckon with today. In her illustrious acting, astrology and tarot career from past so many years, she has worked with some of the biggest names in the Indian TV industry. Now during a recent tarot card reading session, Munisha Khatwani predicts what the future holds for these actors.

From getting a big break to doing well financially, Munisha Khatwani predicts what the future holds for these actors.

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For Sudhanshu Pandey who plays Vanraj in Rajan Shahi’s hit show Anupamaa (Star Plus, 2020) Munisha said, “Sudhanshu is ruled by Rahu and 2020 is Rahu’s year and it will be good for him professionally. 2021 will be good for him financially too. June and September will be his good months”.

For actor Taher Ali Baig, Munisha asserted, “He will do well in 2021 as his Jupiter is well placed, but he needs to work hard. Also, he needs to be careful about his stomach and back issues in 2021”.

For TV and film actor Mrunal Jain, Munisha said, “March onwards will be an auspicious time for Mrunal as he requires patience for his career. Post June, there will be a good pick up in his career. In 2021, he needs to be careful of his lower back”.

For the stunning film actress Kiara Advani last seen in Laxmii (2020), Munisha said, “Kiara is in a very strong period professionally and 2021 will see her growing even more. April-onwards, she will getting more projects and opportunities”.

For the Kabir Singh (2019) fame ace and iconic Bollywood superstar Shahid Kapoor, Munisha stated, “Shahid is in a great position career-wise and continues to stay at the top in 2021 as well. His work will continue to be appreciated and march-onwards, his time is even better career-wise. In 2021, he will spend more time with his family”.

For Indo American actress Aneesha Madhok, Munisha said, “Aneesha’s moon planet is well placed but she will need to work harder to get name and fame. Her creative aspect is good but she will do better June onwards”.

For the TV actress Subuhii Joshi, Munisha told, “Her Venus planet is a bit weak at the moment but she will do better in 2022. 2021 still sees her working hard generally but she may have health issues due to her moon planet being weak next year”.

For the iconic TV actress Sucheeta Trivedi (India Wali Maa, Sony TV, 2020) Munisha said, “Her Jupiter planet and moon planet are more favourable in 2021 than before, although her Jupiter is not very powerful”.

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