Faisal Malik Aka Prahlad Reveals His Favourite Scene In Panchayat Season 2

Actor Faisal Malik, who plays the role of Prahlad in TVF's 'Panchayat', opens up about his favourite scene from the series.

If I were to ask you to pick one scene that you liked the most from Panchayat Season 2, could you do it? I guess you couldn’t! And neither can I. When a show is so fabulously made, it’s hard to pick a favourite character and a scene. Despite that, we dared to ask this question to Mr. Faisal Malik who plays a pivotal role in the much-talked-about series.

Confused at first, Faisal finally managed to pick a scene or two that he liked the most in Panchayat Season 2. Faisal Malik, who plays the role of Prahlad aka Upp-Pradhan in Panchayat, mentioned the scene he enjoyed shooting the most. He said, “My favourite scene that I enjoyed shooting was with Ashok Pathak in Episode 3. Ashok Pathak is a great actor.”

Panchayat Season 2 Episode 3 is titled ‘Kranti’ where Abhishek (Sachiv Ji) is given a development work in Phulera. This involves making the village open-defecation free and therefore, installing toilet seats in every house. When Vikas accidentally breaks a toilet seat, one villager named Vinod (played by Ashok Pathak) decides to bring ‘Kranti’ in Phulera by going to a farm to defecate while the authorities have raided. To avoid the drama, Vikas and Prahlad stop Vinod while he has his pants open. Faisal mentioned that he had the most fun shooting this hilarious scene.

Faisal then mentioned one scene that he liked overall. Talking about an intense argument between Sachiv Ji and Pradhan Ji from Episode 7 titled ‘Dost Yaar’, Faisal said, “The best scene that I liked overall was when we were sitting together for a party and there was a fight between Jitendra and Raghu Bhai. In the scene, Jitu says, ‘Dosti kehne se nahi hoti hai’. Jitu did that scene fabulously.”

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Faisal then also marked Raghubir Yadav and his character to be his favourite. He said, “I liked working with Raghubir Yadav Ji. He never looks at the monitor after giving a scene. And he also told me to not look at it. And now, I also don’t look at the monitor. Raghu bhai is amazing. When he is on set, it feels like he is the youngest of all. All of us have a lot of fun when he is around. We all love him because of the kind of energy he carries with himself. I interact the most with him and I love his character.”

Praising actor Jitendra Kumar, Faisal said, “I have always been a fan of Jitu. I used to stop him to tell him how much I love his work. And now I finally got a chance to work with him. He is a close friend now. He is an amazing actor. I believe that Jitu has a phenomenal future. He’ll do amazing films in future. He deserved appreciation.”

Panchayat is created by TVF and streams on Amazon Prime Video. It features Jitendra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav, Neena Gupta, Faisal Malik and Chandan Roy.

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