Panchayat Season 2: Faisal Malik Recalls Shooting The Heartbreaking Climax (Exclusive)

In an exclusive interview, actor Faisal Malik shares how he shot for the heartbreaking climax of Panchayat Season 2.

Millennials on the Internet can’t get over TVF’s latest series ‘Panchayat’. After the release of its second season, the audience is pouring love on the show and the actors featuring in it. The show is heaping praises for his simplicity, genuineness of the characters and subtle comic punches. The show makes us smile throughout the first and second season until a tragic event changes it all. In the last episode of Panchayat season 2, Prahlad aka the Upp-Pradhan of Phulera loses his son, who was serving in the Indian Army. His martyrdom changes the tone of the show and the season ends on a heavy note with the audience teary-eyed.

While it was difficult for us as a viewer to watch the climax, it was even difficult for the actors and creators to shoot for it. During an exclusive chat with us, actor Faisal Malik, who plays Prahlad in the series, told how they shot for the climax.

He said, “Deepak Kumar Mishra (director of Panchayat) had briefed everyone to stay quiet and asked us to assume that someone had actually died nearby. Such an atmosphere is very necessary for concentration. When I reached the set, everyone was quiet. I was like ‘Arre Baap Re!’ The pressure had just multiplied. It took us 4-5 days to shoot the climax. So, all these days, I just used to sit quietly and everyone helped me.”

When asked if it was a demanding scene for him, Faisal said, “It was very demanding because I was doing such a scene for the first time. I just knew that I had to do it honestly because people will catch you if you are lying or faking your emotions. So, it was a tough fight internally. I even fought with the makers because they were trusting me a lot and I thought I couldn’t do it. But the director and writer helped me a lot. We all have lost someone in our lives at some point or the other. So, I just had to feel the pain internally and enact it.”

Faisal was then asked if it was really important to have a sad climax leaving the audience in tears, to which he replied, “I always say that death is a common part of everyone’s life. It’s not like we portrayed something extraordinary. It happens to all of us. And if you are watching a character, then you’ll go deep into his life too. If you are laughing with him, then you’ll have to cry too. This is what a story is made of! Such incidents can happen to anyone. And so, it happened with my character. I was just worried that people might not like it. But thankfully, people have accepted the climax.”

Panchayat is created by TVF and is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. It features Jitendra Kumar, Neena Gupta, Raghubir Yadav, Chandan Roy and Faisal Malik in the lead roles.

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