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Exclusive: Nishchal Sharma Recalls A Funny Incident With KKK 11 Winner Arjun Bijlani

Nishchal Sharma recently choreographed Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 winner Arjun Bijlani for a ‘mahasangram’ episode of KKK 11 and Dance Deewane.

It wasn’t too long ago that choreographer Nishchal Sharma got a chance to work with newly announced Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 winner Arjun Bijlani for a ‘Mahasangram’ episode of KKK 11 and Dance Deewane. Recalls the young choreographer, “I was extremely excited to be working with Arjun for the episode and I immediately called him to discuss various choreography styles. It was tricky to choreograph dance moves with his stunts, but Arjun made the whole process easy and seamless. He’s good with his footwork.

Nishchal was also reminded of a humorous incident between the two of them. Recalls the choreographer, that when Arjun was on-route for the first practice session for the show he requested that a demo video be sent to him before hand – so that he could be mentally prepared. Nishchal wanted this to be a surprise however, sent it after much deliberation. On watching the video, Nishchal received a rather quick call from a frantic Arjun, asking “Tu thik toh hai?! Tu soch bhi kaise sakta hai main itna dancing kar sakta hun?”

But Nishchal believes the contrary. While Arjun felt that he would take hours to perfect the performance, learning and practicing both, was done in a mere 2 hours. Nishchal also believes that Arjun is a talented performer and extremely dedicated. While he got ready as well, Arjun made it a point to simultaneously refer to the video tutorial and made sure he knew his steps and stunts like a pro!

When choreographer Nishchal Sharma posted a few pictures with Arjun Bijlani from the Mahasangram episode, Arjun wrote in the comment section, “You are so good bro and thank you for making me do this.”

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