Is Dipika Kakar’s Journey As Simar In SSK 2 Ending

According to the latest new online media reports, it could be possible even though not confirmed about TV star Dipika Kakar's journey as Simar in SSK 2 ending.

One of most popular and longest running TV show Sasural Simar Ka produced by ace producer Rashmi Sharma came with its second season Sasural Simar Ka 2 also produced by same producer and is airing on Colors TV, which has just like its iconic first season also gained popularity thereby managing to win audiences and fans hearts once again with a totally unique yet intriguing plot and storyline and the second season also roped in main female lead Dipika Kakar back in the show but as per recent online reports, its making fans wonder that is ace TV star Dipika Kakar’s journey as Simar in SSK 2 ending.

If the recent reports circulating in online media are real, then too its making netizens and fans of the actress also mull deeply that is Dipika Kakar’s journey as Simar in SSK 2 ending.

For ardent fans of the show who have always showered their love to the first season making it an evergreen and timeless iconic superhit show and especially given their accolades to the diva TV star Dipika, it’s a confusing bit of moment for them as well to be thinking that is Dipika Kakar’s journey as Simar in SSK 2 ending.

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As per the recent news reports, it could be real and true piece of information that the actress had been brought onboard and roped in for the show but only for the initial few episodes and currently the show is seeing newbie TV actress Radhika Muthukumar essaying the role of Choti Simar opposite Avinash Mukherjee and as per the ongoing storyline, the huge twist happens in the drama filled wedding track when Reema (Tanya Sharma) makes Choti Simar get dressed and decked up totally in her wedding outfit and also tells her to sit for the wedding with Aarav (Avinash Mukherjee) and then Reema leaves for her audition.

When the truth is disclosed and revealed in front of everyone, everyone ultimately starts blaming Choti Simar (Radhika) for this mishap and unfortunate incident and sham of a marriage but Simar (Dipika) stands up in her support thereby supporting her and whilst Simar tries explaining Mataji that Choti Simar is an apt and perfect fit as the elder daughter in law of their family but in anger and age, Mataji ends up pushing Simar out of the house and whilst this also gives a subtle indirect hint at Dipika’s role coming to an end in SSK 2, makers didn’t make any official announcement for the same.