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Devashish Exposes Divya’s Husband Gagan On Her Instagram Account

Now in another latest development in late Indian actress Divya Bhatnagar's death controversy, brother Devashish exposes Divya's husband Gagan on her official Instagram account by posting explosive screenshots of her chats with friends in a post along with a long handwritten note in memory of her sister.

Late Indian TV actress Divya Bhatnagar (34) who is best remembered for her role in Rajan Shahi’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on Star Plus, encountered a tragic death on 7th December 2020 at 3 am in the morning post losing her life to the deadly COVID 19 pandemic where she had been admitted in the hospital on 26th November after getting COVID 19 symptoms and her death happened due to multiple health conditions wherein she had even gotten pneumonia and got a cardiac arrest too. Post all this, now the latest development is that Devashish exposes Divya’s husband Gagan on her Instagram account.

A day after her sister’s death, brother Devashish revealed that their family is going to file a case of domestic abuse against her late sister’s fraud husband Gagan Gabru and also during an earlier interview, Divya’s brother Devashish had revealed about how Gagan used to torture Divya both mentally and physically. An interesting mode in this saga has finally arrived where in Devashish exposes Divya’s husband Gagan on her Instagram account.

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Late actress Divya’s only brother Devashish Bhatnagar has released the explosive screenshots of the chats between her late sister and him and also shared a long note in loving memory of Divya wherein he has totally exposed Gagan through the series of screenshot pictures on her late sister’s Instagram account. While revealing the real and horror face of Gagan, Devashish wrote, “I wish I could get to know all this. I wish I could tell her that it is okay to take stand for yourself. I wish I could tell her that girls are the most powerful human species. I wish I could save her from this devil. Please speak up before it is too late and especially to your family. Because you can share things with friends but only family can take you out from messes. I want this guy hanged @whogabru. This is guy is been threatening Divya bhatnagar that he will get me(her brother) and mother killed, defame her, screw her life if she would share anything with anyone. Now I am handing over this case to all of her fans, friends,family and the people who actually care about humanity”.

Source: Divya Bhatnagar Official Instagram. Brother of late actress Divya has posted these explosive screen shots of her chats with other friends on her Instagram account.

In these released explosive screenshots of the chats, late actress Divya has told her brother that Gagan and his mother have betrayed her and also revealed the fact that their family is a fraud who has been hurting and betraying her in many ways.

Soon after this explosive moment of truth reveal and moment of vindication happened with Devashish penning a long heartfelt note along with these screenshots pictures, the late actress’s closest and best friend ace and stellar Indian tv superstar Devoleena Bhattacharjee commented on this post where she wrote, “I am with you”.

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