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Bigg Boss 16 Oct 25 Episode 25 Highlight: Abdu Rozik Nominated

Here’s all that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, check out-

Bigg Boss 16 Oct 24 Episode 24 Highlight: Bigg Boss 16 is currently in its 4th week, during the previous weekend ka vaar episode actress and contestant Sreejita De was evicted. Meanwhile, in the latest weekend ka vaar episode, Miss India runner-up Manya Singh was evicted from the Bigg Boss house after getting lesser votes than Shalin and Sumbul. On the other hand, Abdu Rozik among others is now nominated for the upcoming eviction for 4th week. Here’s all that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16-

Bigg Boss 16 Episode 25 Update

Bigg Boss Punishes Nimrit And Soundarya

In the latest episode of the reality show Bigg Boss 16, contestants and actresses Nimrit Kaur and Soundarya were seen getting punished by Bigg Boss for breaking the basic rule of the house by speaking in English. Bigg Boss was seen reprimanding the two for speaking in English on a Hindi show like Bigg Boss. Later he assigns the punishment to the two by asking them to apologize to the audience for speaking in English.

Nominations Begin

During a special nomination round, Bigg Boss pairs two contestants to nominate any one contestant through mutual consent. Priyanka and Shiv nominate Soundarya, Sajid and Abdu nominate Nimrit, while on the other hand, Nimrit gets paired with Tina to nominate either Gautam Vig or Shalin Bhanot. The two were seen defending their friends to save them from the nominations, however, will end up having an argument later Nimrit gives up and nominates Gautam.

Tina And Gautam’s Fight

Later Gautam was seen having a fight with Tina for not saving him over Shalin. Later Tina defends herself.

Abdu Rozik Not Happy With His Nomination

Abdu Rozik feels betrayed after he gets nominated by Sumbul. He mentions that now he has got enemies in the house. He further tells Sajid that Priyanka told him that he is getting influenced and is not playing his game, he further tells Sajid that now both Priyanka and Sumbul are his enemies and now he will play his game.

Shalin Advises Gautam About Soundarya

During a conversation, Shalin was seen advising Gautam to start maintaining distance from Soundarya. He will further claim that on Soundarya’s part the relationship between the two doesn’t hold importance. Shalin was also seen calling Soundarya’s feelings fake. However, maintaining firm on his stand Gautam tells Shalin that he is honest from his side in his relationship.

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