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Suyyash Lashes Out On Karan And Supports Divya In BB OTT

Reacting to this weekend's Sunday Ka Vaar special episode where all saw Karan and Divya's war of words, TV actor Suyyash lashes out on Karan and supports Divya Agarwal on social media.

Indian television’s most popular and controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss OTT currently streaming digitally on renowned OTT streaming platform Voot Select and hosted by renowned producer Karan Johar ever since its inception on 8th August 2021, is showcasing a lot of fights, drama, emotions, friendships being formed, friends turning enemies, arguments and so on along with lots of entertainment which is being liked a lot by the fans, viewers and audiences and speaking about the fireworks happening right now in house, in this weekend’s Sunday Ka Vaar episode, we saw how the host Karan Johar and celeb contestant Divya Agarwal got engaged into a war of words post which all fans, audiences and even celebrities started taking sides on social media and in midst of all this, TV actor Suyyash lashes out on Karan and supports Divya in BB OTT.

Its true that after watching last nights episode, the ace singer and also a versatile TV actor Suyyash lashes out on Karan and supports Divya in BB OTT.

Wherein we saw how many people have been taking sides on their social media platforms, Divya’s fans on social media lauded her for taking a strong firm stand for herself in front of KJo and not giving up and now another actor has joined this growing bandwagon which is Suyyash Rai and always known to never mince and sugarcoat his words, Suyyash lashes out on Karan and supports Divya in BB OTT.

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Suyyash Rai who had also been a part of Bigg Boss 9 and also a good friend of Divya Agarwal, took his stand on the entire situation and war of words that took place and ensued in yesterday’s episode between Karan Johar and Divya Agarwal wherein he lashed out on Karan and called him a ‘loser’, and not stopping himself there, he also said clearly that KJo should just stick to his movies.

For people who are really unaware of the entire massive showdown between Karan and Divya, it started when Divya said that she wants to nominate Karan Johar for elimination and then talking about same, Karan said that she should not talk about him or address him if she cannot really give him the respect and then when she tried to take a stand and defend herself Karan said that she is a contestant and he is the host of the show and also added that she shouldn’t try to play Bigg Boss in the house with him since she is inside the house and later when Divya tried speaking about it and explaining that it wasn’t her intention, on this Karan shouted at her and specifically told her to watch her words and tone of speaking with him.

Taking to his social media account on instagram and dropping handwritten notes on his instagram stories,Suyyash Rai first dropped a pic of his TV screen with Karan Johar in frame and wrote ‘He has lost the plot’. Then in next insta story post, he wrote, ‘Dear KJo, come lemme bust your bubble!!! U ain’t Salman Khan. Try talking sense’. He then added another insta story and mentioned, ‘Never knew KJo is such a loser. Dear KJo you fkin check your tone next time then expect others to speak with you nicely. And you better not point that finger of yours at Divya. Do all this with YOUR SHAMITA’.

Lastly tagging the renowned film producer Karan Johar in his final insta story, Suyyash openly mocking the award winning film maker wrote, ‘Filmein banao, wahin tak theek hai’.

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