Anupamaa Viewers Are Disappointed As Anuj Asks For Divorce From Anu

Anupamaa television is ruling everyone's heart, however, netizens are dissapointed with the new twist for breaking MaAn.

Anupamaa, a popular television sitcom, is witnessing a never-ending drama, and it appears that Anuj’s patience has finally run out. In the present, it is shown that Maya has taken Choti Anu away from Anuj, which is causing him a lot of pain. And for this, he is blaming Anupamaa. Now talking about the new twist of the show, Anuj wants to divorce Anupama, due to which not only she but also the viewers of the show are broken. And being disappointed with the new twist, they are demanding to stop it.

Anupamaa show is everyone’s favourite, and fans like Anupama’s strong personality. When Anuj entered her life, the two of them were also well liked, and they were affectionately dubbed “Maan.” However, because “MaAn” is broken and Anupama is weak, fans are not pleased with this new twist.

Disappointed fans took to social media to show their anger at the makers. One user wrote, “I avoid writing such Harsh comments but Makers you have literally destroyed the Iconic couple of ITV. PLEASE END THIS NOW MAKERS. ENOUGH OF NONSENSE. Why are making a Joke of second marriage& Adoption? WE WANT #MaAn.” Second user wrote, 
“I can’t..No I can’t watch #MaAn like this…wtever mistakes #Anupamaa or #AnujKapadia did knowingly or unknowingly in past…doesn’t matter THEY DO NOT DESERVE THIS!!THEY DO NOT! Period. #RupaliGanguly #GauravKhanna I’m out of the words for your brilliant performance! ITV’s gems.” Third user wrote, “Bapuji, y u never got Chakkar when all these 26 years #Anupamaa was insulted, tortured,bad mouthed,given Baddua,said characterless & thrown out of SH in front of u Nw u better Stop ur Nautanki coz all the problems in #MaAn’s life r bcoz of ur Trash SH Gang.”

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