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Ankit Siwach: Farming Is In Our Blood, We Will Continue Legacy

Currently seen as menacing villain Vyom in Yash Patnaik's Ishq Mein Marjawan 2: Naya Safar streaming on Voot Select, Ankit Siwach says farming is in our blood, we will continue legacy.

In his recent interview, Manmohini (Zee TV, 2018 – 2019) fame TV actor Ankit Siwach says farming is in our blood, we will continue legacy.

The versatile TV star who rose to fame with shows like Beyhadh 2, Manmohini and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh, Ankit Siwach says farming is in our blood, we will continue legacy.

Currently awaiting the release of his big Bollywood debut film titled Benaras Vanilla, Ankit Siwach says farming is in our blood, we will continue legacy.

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An actor’s career in the film industry is unpredictable. At one time they will be at a high, and another you can see them at the lowest low. So to keep the income flowing, both Bollywood and TV actors own business ventures which is not dependent on their presence in front of the camera in any way. Manmohini actor Ankit Siwach says he comes from a farming background and plans to invest in organic farming along with his brother to continue the legacy. The actor recently entered Yash Patnaik’s hit digital show Ishq Mein Marjawaan 2: Naya Safar on Voot Select in menacing multilayered character of Vyom, and speaking about his farming background, Ankit says, “No matter which field you work in, everyone looks for financial stability, it is the basic requirement for a secure life. Any freelancer, artist or daily wage worker has to spend 24 hours, 365 days either looking for work or working on the project, it is tough, but it is magical. I have started my production house with director Ishan Jacob, and our first project ‘Safarnama’, a travel show, is already on air. This is just the beginning and we have a long path to travel in order to establish what we call a ‘secure’ space for ourselves. I am also planning to invest in organic farming with my younger brother, we belong to a family of farmers, it’s in our blood and we will continue the legacy”.

Ankit made his small screen debut with Rishton Ka Chakravyuh. He is awaiting the release of his Bollywood debut Benaras Vanilla, however, he admits that it’s not easy for TV actors to make it easily into Bollywood because they are always stereotyped and speaking up on same, he shares, “It is a common human behaviour we stereotype, we stereotype everything and everyone until our family or we fall a victim to it. Same goes for TV actors, everyone knows how TV actors are stereotyped and not even considered by the other platforms only due to their lack of awareness, knowledge, common sense and background of the ones in charge. It is a difficult world, everyone is battling in some way or the other and so, a jump from one platform to other is also a battle, which is hard to win but many actors have shown that it is not impossible to win it. I can count many of them, but the first name that comes to mind is Shah Rukh Khan and the second one, Late Sushant Singh Rajput, these two examples broke all stereotypes and gave hope to every actor”.

Ankit also feels that be it TV or Bollywood or any other medium for that matter the struggle starts from very the first day till the last. He said, “Starting from the first audition to the time you give the last shot of your life, you have to give in all that you have, their is no second option but to thrive, grow, work hard, improve your skill, manage life and love your work. Struggle is a negative term, i use the word ‘battle’ it gives you a sense of fighting all odds, ‘struggle’ makes you find excuses”.

After his last show Beyhadh 2 went off-air amidst the nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, he is currently seen as the host of travel show Safarnama. It airs on Epic channel.

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