“Akad Jyaada Dikhayi, Kaam Bahot Kam Kiya” Neha Pendse Spills Bean Over Being Picky At Work 

Neha Pendse was the first choice for the television series “Anupamaa” as the lead, but this actress denied the opportunity.

Neha Pendse always leaves her fans in awe with her stunning, sizzling appearance. This actress has done quite impressive work in various Marathi films and has kept her market up with her presence in the Hindi television landscape. Neha Pendse is popularly known for her TV shows like “May I Come In Madam?”, “Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain” etc. But she has always been very choosy throughout her acting career. She was the first choice for the television series “Anupamaa” as the lead, but this actress denied the opportunity, which was then grabbed by Rupali Ganguly. The actress said that her extra picky nature has affected the bank credits. In a TV actors’ round table with TV Time, she elaborated on this topic. 

When she was asked how easy or difficult it is to be choosy as an actor on television, she replied, “It’s very difficult.” She was talking about the dilemma of what kind of work actors want to associate with and actor Harshad Chopda, who accompanied her on that show, said that it only happens when you have a high bank balance. Harshad becomes choosy only when his bank balance is above Rs. 10 lakh and if it goes below that he will do any work he gets offered. Neha crossed his statement saying that she doesn’t have too much money, but she is too stiff. “Akad Jyaada Dikhayi, Kaam Bahot Kam Kiya”, she added. And she also agreed that she needs to focus on increasing her bank balance and reducing her stiffness while choosing work.

Neha emphasizes the element of risk. She agreed that her risk-taking appetite is really bad at the current time. She said, “What am I consuming as an audience? I am consuming OTT, specifically international. So you aspire what you watch and that is not what television is giving you. So there is always an internal conflict of where you see yourself, what you are receiving, whether you have the capacity to break the barrier and follow what you truly want.” 

She sometimes regretted her decision to refuse serial Anupamaa, but again she questioned herself whether she could do that every day. According to this actress, there is always a dilemma between where we want to reach and what we are doing. 

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