Doja Cat Shocks All As She Arrives At Met Gala In A ‘Towel’

Doja Cat left netizens and her fans in complete shock as she walked down the red carpet of Met Gala wearing nothing but a "towel".

Doja Cat made a striking appearance on the Met Gala red carpet yesterday, grabbing attention even before stepping onto it. Prior to her entrance, she turned heads by holding onto a bathing towel, with her hair also wrapped up in one.

Following an outfit change, Doja walked the red carpet in attire that didn’t fare any better. She opted for a nearly naked wet shirt dress. Her makeup featured black mascara that appeared to be running down her cheeks, giving the impression of tears and a disheveled appearance.

As Doja Cat strolled down the red carpet, both spectators and her social media followers criticized her bold outfit selection. The theme for this year’s Met Gala, “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” adheres to the official dress code of “The Garden of Time.”

Accompanied by Vetements Creative Director Guram Gvasalia, Doja attended the Met Gala adorned in a white ensemble. The shirt dress, with its see-through silhouette and round neckline, accentuated her figure as she posed provocatively on the red carpet. She accessorized the outfit with peep-toe clear sandals and earrings adorned with gemstones.

Some fans praised Doja Cat’s dress choice as “bold” and “daring,” while others questioned its alignment with the Met Gala’s theme for the year. Prior to this event, Doja Cat had already garnered attention when she was spotted on a date with her partner, donning nothing but a thong and a bedsheet.

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