BJGPH Aasif Sheikh On Shilpa Shinde, Saumya Tandon And Others Who Leave The Show “Nobody Misses Them”

Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai actor Aasif Sheikh on Shilpa Shinde, Saumya Tandon, and others left the show in the middle, saying that "nobody misses them,"

For the past eight years, the television sitcom Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai has captivated audiences, and each of the show’s characters has become a household name. Recently, the show completed 2000 episodes, and in this happiness, the makers celebrated it. At the event, Aasif Shaikh, aka Vibhuti Natrayan Mishra, spoke about the happiness of the show completing 2000 episodes and about the actors who left the show midway like Shilpa Shinde, Saumya Tandon, and others. He also mentioned that nobody misses anyone.

The actor told Etimes TV that because the show’s material is so compelling, viewers would watch it just for that reason. No matter who joins or leaves the show, the audience will continue to watch it. Nobody misses anyone, according to Aasif Sheikh, who has been a part of the comic series since the beginning. I’m sorry, but no one seems to miss those who have departed the show. The crowd loves and respects those who have joined in so far. I firmly believe that no artist is necessary for Bhabi Ji. They watch the show for the content because it is so strong. While everyone is important, no one is indispensable, including artists. I’ll express the same opinion about myself.

He added, “I get a lot of messages from fans saying that they will stop watching the show after I leave, but I know that nothing of the sort is going to happen. The audience will watch the show, and it doesn’t matter if I am there or not. People don’t watch the show for the artist; they watch it for the content.”

The show has been successfully running for over 8 years now. Recently, the show completed 2000 episodes, and the entire team gathered to celebrate this milestone. They cut a giant cake and interacted with the media.

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