Shiv Thakare Opens His Own Restaurant ‘Thakare’s Chai And Snacks’

Bigg Boss 16 fame Shiv Thakare started a restaurant 'Thakare's Chai And Snacks' days after buying a car worth Rs 30 lakhs.

If a Bigg Boss contestant gets lucky, they will undoubtedly reach the seventh heaven. And Shiv Thakare is one of them. Shiv may not have won the trophy of Bigg Boss, but he has won the hearts of his fans. His friendly nature and cute smile have made him everyone’s favorite. With all blessings and love, he started a restaurant just days after investing in an automobile costing Rs 30 lakhs. The new businessman has started Thakare’s Chai and Snacks, an authorized food and snack brand by Shiv.

Shiv spoke to the media during the debut of his business about his brand, his desire to build additional franchises, and how his family is pleased with his success. According to the Etimes, he founded his company in Mumbai and intends to expand it to Pune and his hometown of Amravati.

The Bigg Boss season winner spoke about his future plans and revealed that, in addition to expanding his company, he is anxious to perform as an actor. Shiv said when discussing his brand, “I’ve worked incredibly hard for the past five years, and it’s now paying off. I’m going to put in a ton of effort to grow this business and add other locations. In terms of the movie, I’m hoping to run into you at the premiere in six to a year and you’ll be praising my work. I’m going to put in some effort.”

Definitely, we want to see Shiv Thakare get more success.

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