Review | College Romance Season 4 – Rishte a la Campus

College Romance features Gagan Arora, Manjot Singh and Apoorva Arora. The series is created by TVF and its final season is now streaming on Sony Liv.

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In a nut-shell:

Rishte a la Campus

It’s more a hostel scene as this college, set somewhere in the Delhi-NCR region, has no classes, no professors and no rules. As for studies and exams, they’re by-the-way mentions in a five-part season devoted to relationships. Simplistic equations that go up and down.

The good: The usual focus on campus politics is mercifully absent and so is the barrage of verbal abuses that normally pass off as cool. There are no mental or psychological deviations either, no angst against parents.   

Writer-director Ashutosh Pankaj’s focus stays on last season’s seven students. 

Bagga (Gagan Arora, a tad too old to be playing a student) who has his heart tattooed on his arms and Naira (Apoorva Arora) who has breezed back into college like she never left it, overcome long-distance distress only to have to grapple with coming-of-age doubts that wrack every final year student. He’s still the Dilli ka ladka who needs to sort out ‘vulnerable’ from ‘vulgar’.   

Dhatrpriya alias DP (Nupur Nagpal) is still ditzy and Karan (Keshav Sadhna) and she are still a couple despite emotions and bonds going on a rollercoaster ride.

Raavie (Jahnvi Rawat) and Harry (Eklavey Kashyap), still strumming their guitars, take turns at figuring out firebrand Dipika (Shreya Mehta). Dipika continues to snort around the campus though it’s increasingly apparent that the fire outside hides a warm core.

Partners stifling each other until they learn to stop being control freaks and the big question mark of job or business or further studies, looms large before them.

The Big Seven end up being one big group, pausing and unpausing their bonds, throwing Senior vs Junior lines and missing Trippy (Manjot Singh), the 8th who’s wistfully mentioned.

Spread over five quick episodes, all the relationships are neatly tied up and everybody turns up in the finale for a feel-good happy ending.

It does feel good especially because there is light humour and, except for a gaali or two, the obscenity is restricted to frequent ‘hagna’ (crap) in their conversations while Karan gets a badge that says, ‘Khada ho gaya’ only to end with an innocuous ‘apne pair pe’ (standing on my own feet).

But there’s also a pointless feeling at the end of it. Did we just see something that’s sweet but is empty calories?  There’s no standout performance either.      

It’s a watch that’s strictly for the young who identify with and give time to watching campus life relationships.

Watch the trailer of College Romance Season 4:

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Rishte a la CampusReview | College Romance Season 4 - Rishte a la Campus